Sunday, March 3, 2019

Keeping it real

Hard to believe is is March already.  What they say about time speeding up as you get older appears to be true!

The close of February saw a few unfinished items on my To Do calendar.

I never did finish my skirt muslin and I only finished 3 of the 5 Patchwork City blocks I hoped to achieve.  But February was also the first month back at work after school holidays and the hottest month this summer (so there was about a week in there where it was just too hot to sew)... So all in all still very happy with progress.

Anyway... a new month a new list and a chance to shake up some of those goals and revise whether they were too ambitious and how to prevent those projects from disappearing into the WIP pile of DOOM!

Back to some of the things I DID achieve:

I have one block left to make in the Tilda Homespun magazine BOM but had felt like I needed a break from this project.  Consequently I decided to work on sashing the finished blocks, and completing construction of the first two rows of this project.

While this wasn't hard or complicated, it was nice to sew some simple seams and start to see this project really turn into something.

I also pulled out this old Craftsy kit WIP which started the year with 4 completed blocks.  I think I've got 8 finished now... well on the way.  This is another good piecing project which I just need to plan the cutting for... to sneak through a few more blocks when I have a spare moment.

I am on a BLUE row for Patchwork City.

One more of these diamond shaped log cabins and I'll have another block completed.

And a new sew along started this week for the Meadowland Quilt.  Sometimes a pattern comes along that you just know will match perfectly with fabrics in your stash.

I started this bundle with the cute hedgehog print.  It has some very pretty colours in the background, with some awesome neutrals in the hedgehog...

It was ridiculously easy to amass this generous pile of fabrics!

And after much dithering about what fabrics to actually put together (very tempting to put into a bag and draw out randomly) I got my test block laid out.

And hot on its heels... block 2 because I wanted to have a go with a neutral block and some directional fabric.

And the two blocks full constructed and together.

I think March is going to be a lot of fun!


  1. Tell me about the random new projects sprouting up - I blame IG :) That hedgehog fabric is simply too cute - almost too cute to cut into it! Good on you for sticking to your planning, the calendar and goal setting seems to work well for you (as long as the weather cooperates).

  2. Lots happening at yours! I love your Tilda project, so pretty, and the sashings look great! And, isn't that hedgehog fabric so sweet!

  3. we love random new projects, that's what spices our life up....well our quilting life! ;-)

  4. February was a pretty good month for you really - all things considered but it does look like you are on fire for March!! Your Homespun project looks great! Cute new blocks with the hedgehog print!

  5. It's great to see #meadowlandqal blocks cropping up now isn't it? Love your pull and hoping to start in on mine this week.

  6. How fun to see the project you're doing with the hedgehog fabric! I had to get some of that, too, but all I did was a lap throw backed with minky, because of time constraints. Love your Tilda BOM - it's so pretty with the mint sashing.

  7. I love your fabric pull to go with your cute hedge hog print. That quilt will be so so pretty! I particularly love the green block with hedge hogs in the center.

    Your star blocks with the white plus going through the centers are so pretty to me. I love the scrappy fabrics in happy colors. They just speak to me.

    Those Patchwork City blocks with black/white and another color are so so so fun to look at. This quilt will be so fun to watch grow.