Wednesday, February 27, 2019

One step closer

Part of my reorganisation over Xmas was deciding how to proceed with different WIPs and what was required to finish them. 

My Sugar Club sampler was almost a finished top... it just needed a plain 3" border then ready for quilting.  I even had the fabric put aside and all ready to go.  When I picked up the quilt top... I realised what had been subconsciously holding me back... this quilt top literally weighed a ton already! 

I finished the piecing.... but decided these 100 inches square of awesomeness was going to be long arm quilted!

And over the weekend I got my quilt back from my friendly almost neighbourhood quilter Leeanne from Quilt Me Kiwi - and I am beyond happy.

We decided on an all over floral pattern...

I love how it softens the piecing...

Leeanne also supplied a wide backing fabric and batting.

Luckily I still have some of the plain contrast fabric I used in the quilt top to use as binding...

But I think I'll use it as a peeper flange and use some leftover florals as the main binding.

I will need to add this to next months list!


  1. Looking good Suzanne!! That floral design in lovely on your gorgeous blocks :-) And you're right, 100" square quilt is a pretty big undertaking!

  2. Yay, yay, hooray! You have a finish! Doesn't it feel great! I love the colors and all the white space!

  3. A lovely quilt, and a great size! I love how all the negative space is quilted, very effective!

  4. This turned out so sweet! I love flanged bindings - that'll be nice with the florals on the edge. Boy, Leeann had the perfect text fabric for this in her backings, didn't she?