Saturday, February 2, 2019

New month New goals

The last day of January saw me finally finishing that last pesky task... the one that I had sort of started, but then just put off, and put off... and you guessed it... put off!

I had the goal of joining the first three rows of my Patchwork City quilt which has been run as a QAL on IG by Joe from @manhandledthreads

There are three main things I am calling triggers that encourage me to procrastinate on these sorts of projects.

First up, I hate dealing with long lengths of yardage.  This project called for 4 yards of background, and the Essex Linen is wider than standard width (double the stress).  I find folding the long lengths, then trying to keep it straight on my cutting mat, all while trying to cut accurate silly little measurements... I feel like I need to be an octopus.  And I put those cuts off like crazy!

It doesn't help that my cutting surface butts up to the wall, so you don't know how many times I have got everything perfectly aligned to find that my ruler doesn't have enough space to measure the required cut.

The solution was ridiculously easy... make a generous cut divisible by the required cut... as generous as my 16.5" ruler will allow, then move the subcut into the middle of the mat and cut into smaller strips.

Here's one I prepared earlier!

The second trigger is cutting long lengths of sashing... even though its really not that bad (repeat after me... it's not that bad), and I haven't magically found a way of getting around this, but cutting all the lengths at one time does help progress.

The third trigger is actually sewing all those long lengths of sashing.  Long rows of patchwork are not my favourite thing and I will often choose to change the construction to be able to sew the blocks together in chunks.  Because of the nature of these bulky blocks, I chose not to do this so that I could always press towards the sashing.  So my solution is to sew each row with its length of sashing, and in the case of the top row it's length of border fabric, so that there are really only two seams where I am dealing with cumbersome length and bulk simultaneously.

All that to say, I finally have the top three rows all attached!

And don't they look pretty?  They go so nicely with the multicolor drawers that used to be in Nadias room.  And only two more rows to go!

And onto February goals... First up is Block 16.  I'm hoping for 5 blocks this month so getting this first block out of the way nice and early can only mean good things.

With the weather being too hot to allow much afternoon or even evening sewing... I have been fitting in odd little moments throughout the cooler mornings.  With this in mind I have made some of my February goals relatively simple, and have covered a range of projects and tasks, including choosing fabric from the stash... always a fun task!

I want to extend this Courthouse Stars deconstructed quilt by adding new borders
Roll on February!


  1. Lovely rainbow quilt. Your buggy barn quilt was a few years back, it will be nice to see it finished............happy creating!

  2. Your writing is fun to read. I love the way you tell your story.

    I also dislike cutting from extra wide widths. It just seems impossible to get everything straight. When I buy extra wide backing for quilts I have to lay it on the floor and cut there. It is uncomfortable and technically crazy.

    Your quilt is so amazing! I truly truly love it. I love how every block is unique and color coordinated. Your color placement of the blocks flows so nicely and gives the eye little places to discover.

    Thanks for linking up to Create Your Own BOM.

  3. I don't like cutting big yardage either, and do what you do - cut into a smaller, more manageable piece. Your quilt looks like it was worth your effort! Very pretty.

  4. I'm repeating, "it's not that bad" madly!

  5. You are not on your own when it comes to cutting long stripes of fabric. Is there an easy way? Sub-cutting certainly simplifies it somewhat! Your Patchwork City top is looking great !