Sunday, September 18, 2011

Courthouse Stars

Saturday was day two of The Country Yard's Courthouse Steps workshop.  It was now time to start on the courthouse steps blocks - which was interesting because they were really log cabin blocks, but with the colouring of courthouse steps with the dark logs on alternative sides, then the light logs on the opposing sides.  Anyway... great progress was made although it did put more strain on my brain requirements than the stars had... but got there in the end.
This was my pile of partially completed log cabins... all
joined up in a long chain.
These were the remaining logs required to add to the above
This is the pieces for the second lot of blocks that are as yet unstarted.

And this was the little princess butterfly that greated me at the end
of my day.
You may have noticed the sew along button on my left hand side bar.  This is for a Xmas stitchery project with Sew Happy Me.  Thought I'd give it a whirl... after all, how bad could it be?


  1. I hope you enjoyed your second class. I thought of you on Friday as I drove through your wee town on my way north to Ninety Mile beach....yes I sand boarded!
    Love the butterfly face.

  2. Thanks for the meat loaf tip! The fabrics in your project are YUMMY!