Monday, September 12, 2011

What's Up?

So what's been going on at the ranch?  We went for a Saturday drive (obviously, on Saturday).  Went all over the place and succeeded in getting just about everyone car sick.  Aren't husbands great?  Then Sunday we built a new run for the chickens to keep them enclosed once again.  They have been roaming wild over winter, as the vege garden had run its course, and didn't need to be protected against those pecking beaks and stomping feet.  Now that summer is somewhere over the horizon, we shall once again plant some bits and pieces and see what happens.  This is pretty much as technical as the vege garden gets.  Most of our fruit trees have either burst into blossom or are pretty close to it.  Not sure if this is a good or bad sign.

I haven't done much on the sewing side of things.  Sounds a bit like a broken record doesn't it?  Today my littlest munchkin is home from school, decidedly under the weather.  I also seem to have developed a serious case of washingtobeputaway-itis and have a huge pile sprouting limbs on the floor... this needs to have something done to it before it takes over the room.  So my enforced day off work may not lead into the crafting direction... we'll see what happens.

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