Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Followup

Whew, how did we get to Friday already?  Today I have Nadia home from school as she has been suffering from a hacking cough - survived cross country at school on Wednesday, then it all turned pear shaped on Thursday.  I survived doing three lots of baking on Tuesday night (including frosting!) which was needed for the cross country (in between working and my new job on Tuesdays - but that's another story).

The splinter - which was embedded in my husbands hand - required minor surgery to get removed (think split open and peeled back).  It was truely cringeworthy, and resembled a small branch poking out of his finger, both where it went in, and then again where it came back out about an inch further along his finger.  Ouch!

I have been suffering with an almost head cold/possible hayfever.  As a consequence of this, I have not done any crafting.  Also haven't done any washing and have barely survived cooking meals... but we are all still alive.

We had four eggs on Wednesday.  Go girls!

Now that I have finished knitting my beanie (still to be sewn up yet) - the weather has turned from "hell freezing over" type weather, straight into summer weather (well almost - pretty much).  So don't be surprised if (a) the beanie never gets finished or (b) it won't be required until next year.  Typical.  Last year there was snow in NZ right up until Xmas time - so I suppose there is plenty of time for it to get back to being cold again.  Unfortunately now that Nadia knows I can knit she wants me to teach her - her being right handed, me being left handed.  I am already dreading it.  But with the goodness of motherhood, we bought some very pretty wool... we shall see.

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