Sunday, August 28, 2011

A week in review (with pictures)

Hey guys, camera battery all recharged so be prepared...

First off, the BEANIE:

I have now finished reknitting it in a different scale - will need to sew it up and see whether it actually fits or not.  All in all - looks like a beanie.  Well done, Suzanne.

Next, the Buggy Barn/The Country Yard workshop stars.  I have twelve stars all in different pairings of light and dark.  Still need to be trimmed to size, but apparently need to wait until the alternate wonky courthouse steps have been sewn, just in case there is a discrepancy.

These delightful wee blocks are the result of Charlottes postive/negative tutorial held at our local patchwork guild on Tuesday.  Although she had a selection of scrummy blocks she had designed (check out some of her quilts on her blog: the slightly mad quilt lady at blogspot dot com), I decided to whip out my own little variation of a heart.  With a bit of careful snipping, like magic - you get two blocks.

I also picked up my new row for the round robin.  This month I can't complain about the theme because I chose it: Flora and Fauna.  If anything, the theme is so big it's hard to narrow it down to one 40" x 8" row.  So there is a basket block from "Gathered from the garden" by Cindy Lammon, a ladybug and bird applique from "I Care with Quilts" by Debbie Mumm, a honey bee block (which is a block I have always liked and will one day do a whole quilt with), and a bird house block to fill in the gap.

 And last but not least, a new collection of fabrics - drool, drool, well, to be honest, a jelly roll I've had for ages, with a new backing fabric I bought to go with it that I hope will turn into a baby quilt.  More about that later - but if you want a hint, check out the quilt along with

Now, I have a heinous splinter to deal with so better get going...

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  1. Your blocks are beautiful. I love the heart and star block, and your basket block is just beautiful. I love to hand applique blocks, and this one looks like a lot of fun.