Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend progress

I have been being good and I have spent the bulk of my crafting time doing my blocks for the back of my log cabin stars quilt.  Honest!  But a bit of forward planning was required to ensure that I had my row finished for my guild's row by row round robin as I will be otherwise occupied next weekend.  More about that a bit later on... so I have finished my reuseable bag:

Inside my bag at the moment is a collection of fat quarters that I have put together to turn into a stack and slash type of quilt that I'm going to do next weekend as part of a workshop run by The Country Yard.  Should be good :)
I've had this jelly roll for ages and have finally decided to turn it into cushions
for the lounge.  The FQers were chosen to blend - to make a throw for the sofa.  Mostly Japanese
Taupes, they were destined for another quilt, but that's the way it goes isn't it.
This was the inspiration row for the round robin.  Would you believe it is made from just two fabrics?  The yellow, orange, pink, blue and purple are all a sort of blendy blendy fabric.  Just lovely.  And hasn't Sheryl done a good job?

This month our theme was "Home is where the heart is".  I had heaps of ideas, then yesterday when I went hunting for fabric found a pattern (that I've also had for ages, and was actually going to use those Japanese Taupes for it - so is that fate or what?) with the applique hearts/flower blocks and thought PERFECT.  The background of these blocks are log cabin - so that is the home part, then the central block has a heart behind the flower.  The alternating block is a "Chimneys and Cornerstones" block - which seems a good reference to the home also.  So good all round.  I think it looks lovely as well and woohoo, it is finished.  So all packaged back into it's bag and ready for our next meeting.

Back to the Log Cabin stars quilt next week.


  1. I think I'm going to use the chimneys and cornerstones block as well. Yours looks lovely. I had better get started!

  2. What quilt did you decide to make at The Country Yard?I like the flower blocks and cornerstone chimney blocks