Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Back continues

After my small break from the Log cabin stars quilt back over the weekend, I have returned once more... with a bit more progress.  Improv piecing takes such a long time!  Which is really weird because you don't really measure anything, and it's not all that important where different fabrics get placed... which is the bit that usually takes ages - but there you go, it is a slow way of doing things.  I have completed enough blocks with colour inserts, just need to build up the white rounds to make them something like the same size.

I am going to keep the fabric on the right hand side in one long run, then have the pieced squares separating a narrower strip of the pink daisy fabric (on the LH side below) to make up my 90" width. 

Even though I bought both of these fabrics to use as the backing for the quilt (the pink one is on the front of the quilt too), I wasn't really sure how they would meld together to form the backing - after all, they don't really go together - and I did wonder about this in the shop before I bought them... but got them anyway.  If there had been enough of the fabric on the RH side to just do a single fabric back, I would have - but fate meant that there was only so much.  Bring on the creative flair - well, I might still be waiting for that to turn up, but progress all the same.

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