Saturday, August 6, 2011


It feels like an age since my last report - unfortunately not much going on in the crafting world at the moment.  I survived the last week of the school holidays, and have suffered through the grumps and groans of the first week back at school.  OK school hols are only two weeks - but getting back into the routine of school and work has been a bit exhausting for all involved.  Me included.  So Saturday morning so far has been grocery shopping... unloading grocery shopping... put on load of washing and load into dishwasher... hang washing... and that's about it.  Various screaming and threats issued throughout the proceedings.

For all the hoardes of foreign readers who are gagging to know what "tutu" means - it is a Maori word (quite possibly slang but not sure) which is often used to describe those children who pull things apart to find out how they work, or are just plain mischievious, but as far as I'm concerned means having a bit of a play with something.  So if you are one of those foreign readers, please leave me a comment saying where you are from... just because I'm curious to see whether you actually exist or not?

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