Sunday, August 7, 2011

Log Cabin Stars To Be Continued...

I know what my problem is.  I haven't really got "into the groove" as far as my crafting goes.  In the house we rented, I had a great big room all to myself.  I didn't have to share it and it didn't matter how messy it was.  I just gravitated towards whatever part of each project appealed to me at the time, and left yesterdays unfinished project wherever it lay - which was usually on the ground.  I no longer has this extravagance.

I have also realised that as far as my keeping the kitchen bench clear goes - the trick is to empty the dishwasher before you need it.  That way, when you do want to clear the bench, it just disappears in a few minutes. I don't need to be religious about doing this at night before going to bed, I can do it just as easily in the morning - as long as the dishwasher is empty.

I think in a deep and meaningful way these two points are closely related and that I need to analyse my needs and how my brain works, and work out a system to make things - craft things - flow better.

So, anyway, on to bigger and better things... sewing.  Woohoo, finally got something, hmm, well was going to write done, but in reality it is not finished, more a work in progress - but this is going to get done, and nothing is going to get started in the meantime.  This shall be finished!

The Design Wall - first thing this morning

All my left over bits from the Log Cabin Stars quilt
Putting all those pieces to good use - what do you know, a pieced
backing is starting to take shape!

A close up of one of the blocks - just a improv log cabin
but very satisfying.
So I have almost used up all my little bits and now just need to work out how it is all going to go together.  I have two different fabrics that I bought to go on the back of this quilt - although they don't really go together, so hopefully the pieced section will help to tie them in as one cohesive unit.  I have found the process of using these left over bits slightly disturbing.  I have also realised a truth about the method of how I quilt and why my stash is so random.  In reality, my real stash (ie the one that I use) is the left over bits from other quilts.  The things I buy to add to "the stash in my drawer" are pieces that are rarely used.  Isn't that weird?  So if I use the left over bits on my quilt back - what am I going to use for those little bits and pieces that I regularly go through my scraps for?  I think this is going to need some sort of deep analysis also.

And I just thought I'd post a picture of a little quilt (16" square at the moment) which is a sample of the practice blocks I have been doing with my teachers group - now that we've included the technique of fusible applique.  I had already decided that the practice units we created would be put together for newborn bassinette quilts at our local maternity hospital - so this is something like how they will turn out.  We will also practice our quilting skills when we get to that stage.  So if there happens to be a midwife who works at the local maternity hospital (come on - you know who you are) perhaps you could comment on exactly how big this quilt need to grow to be a good size?

My brain is starting to smoke - time for a break...

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  1. That is a very deep post, I think you need some analysis of your analysis...

    And anything around 16" by 20" is a pretty good size.