Thursday, December 15, 2011

Still Raining

Day two of the holidays, and it's still raining.  Not torrential, but more than a drizzle - and it just keeps coming.  I've lost track of how many days of rain we have had so far... it must stop soon - before the kids get sick of TV and computer games.

I am feeling a bit blah this morning (check clock - it is still morning) - and I'm really just putting off doing anything.  Need to do washing.  Won't do that until it stops raining.  Need to fold washing from the last couple of weeks and get it put away (you know, before it stops raining so that when it has stopped raining and I do some more washing, there will be room for it to pile up again)... what's new?  The result of tidying the lounge last week means that my sewing space needs an overhaul before I can actually do anything in there... hmmm... that seems a bit major.  I've been thinking about the solid bluey/greeny fat quarters I bought a while ago... and am reminded of a quilt or block on someones blog... which of course I have no idea of whose it was.  So spent a couple of hours last night following links in the hope that I would once again track it down - unsuccessfully I might add.  Does anyone remember seeing a mostly blue solid fabric improv log cabin sort of thing which had the odd mustard log?  Desperate I know.

Well, that's enough self pity... I better go and do something... will keep you posted.

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  1. Uh no, sorry. Did you get around to doing anything? I took the kids for a walk the minute it cleared up. The puddles in the ditches were do deep that they kinda went swimming. More washing ;) But I've caved and bought myself a dryer.