Thursday, December 29, 2011

From Merry Xmas to Happy New Years

Xmas morning
We have been having the worst weather for a NZ summer Xmas time.  While hubby has taken in kids into town to go to the movies, I have tucked myself away in my sewing room and finished my Double disappearing nine patch quilt top.

This has been on the go seriously since Xmas day, when I decided to add sashing to the individual blocks...
and on it went, till I ended up with this, this afternoon:

Blocks are 22 1/2" square
While I sewed, Hubby built - the beginning stages of a garage/workshop...

Note the small helper
I have also been tracking down my WIP projects which are ferreted away in all sorts of corners throughout the house.  These are listed on my new "page" and will be added to and updated as these things get located and hopefully finished.  I think I need to quilt one quilt per month... as well as finish piecing/appliquing/add borders etc... to another one... as well as keep up with what I really want to sew... hmm - seems like an awful lot of work.  Well, I've decided I am just going to enjoy my quilting - so I will do what I want when I want.  As part of this, I am going to try not to buy new fabrics just for the sake of buying them (ohh, noo!!!) however, I'm not going to go cold turkey, as I will buy things I need to make a collection work... as I'm not prepared to down grade my work by using substandard materials.  Well, the theory sounds good.

While I still have to sandwich and quilt this one, at the moment it is just going to get added to that stack... and while I'm in the piecing mood, I'm going to whip out my Buggy Barn Courthouse Stars blocks (wonky log cabin/star blocks) and make final placement decisions - then get them onto the ready to quilt pile as well.


  1. I'm not a mod gal, but this nine patch you are doing is awesome!
    It's a tough one saying not to buy new fabrics, I say it to myself all the time....but you should see my fabric~! But sometimes I just don't have the right fabric....true!
    I have a pile of my own quilts to quilt as well.

  2. Oh, I like that double disappearing nine patch! The alternate blocks turned out very nice, and the white sashing makes it look very 'fresh', reminds me a bit of some skandinavian quilts we have looked at ages ago:) Well done once again!
    There is supposed to be another few days of this weather - yippieh (NOT!)

  3. Really really effective, Suz. Like the white sashing. I'm too scared to say my quilting intentions out loud because I get so sidetracked so easily with new ideas!!

  4. Love the nine patch! The centre block is very striking.