Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

And it is still raining... arghh!

Still, good weather for doing things in one's sewing room.

I have just one more seam to sew on my Courthouse Stars quilt top.  Which I am going to do tomorrow.
Best thing is that I will add some lovely scraps to my pile of scraps for both
the My Tweets and Bluebird & Berry BOM's :-)
Which is just as well, because I will need the design wall free to be able to have a play with these things.

You know, this carpet is excellent for hiding vomit stains... you don't want to know!

This is the beginnings of a quilt from the book "Modern Mix" by Jessica Levitt which when I saw it, though "yes, I have fabrics I want to do this with". 

These are the grouping that I've been rabbiting on about.

This is a range called "fleur nouveau" from Clothworks.

Templates all ready to go... I'm going to do invisible machine applique using
freezerpaper templates and a gluestick... works well.
I've just got a few more of the colours to do the first lot of circles for, and then I'll be plotting away how they fit on the strip... and probably will need to do a whole lot more circles.  But it's not so bad doing a little bit at a time (I'm trying to convince myself).  No, really, they are chill out sorta stuff.

Yesterday I downloaded a pattern for a ironing board caddy with thread catcher and removeable pin cushion from  They have some really interesting projects, and I'll have to spend a few more hours browsing when I get a chance.  Now, I don't really need an ironing board caddy - although the idea is very good - but I use a teeny tiny board that doesn't really have enough room for such a thing - but tucking it under my sewing machine where it is easily accessable from my iron and perfect to hold my quick unpick and thread snips. 

I didn't make the thread catcher, but I did understand most of the instructions!

As far as reviewing the tutorial, I was most impressed that it had downloadable instructions, although there were 23 pages!  Lots (and lots) of pictures - so I'm not really complaining, and I printed it out with multiple pages per sheet, so only used 6 pages in the end.


  1. Raining! Would you like some of our 37 degrees! It's going to be 40 here tomorrow, so I'll be staying in to sew, I expect! I must look out for that book! Your Clothworks fabrics are lovely!

  2. Looks good! Want to make another one hehe?
    Circles aye, I have seen a few interesting projects with those lately - I think I am too chicken to try it - yet. Will await your updates, fabrics look great!

  3. Good to see someone else taking advantage of the damp to get some sewing done. Your Courthouse Stars is looking good! and I'm intrigued by your new project... Handy little caddy - I cant find the setting on my new printer to print out multiple pages - very annoying at times.

  4. Hey your Courthouse stars looks fabulous!!
    What a handy thingie for your sewing machine, a place for everything.
    Yes rain, rain go least it is not stinking hot.