Monday, January 16, 2012

What's on the go?

Well, I think I've been pretty busy.

First off, Block Three, Gail Pan BOM finished:

Blocks One, Two and Three

Second, centre block of My Tweets - fused, awaiting blanket stitch.  This is 34" square so a sizeable block.  I had intended to complete the My Tweets BOM using misty fuse as the fusible web, to give the multiple layers a lovely soft feel - but hell, Misty fuse is like dealing with the devil.  After last month and using baking paper to trace the pattern with mixed results, I purchased an applique mat, and succeeded in getting a whole sheet of misty fuse attached to it... which then stubbornly refused to be adherred to anything else... grrrr.  So I had to scratch it off into a sticky wee ball of sticky stuff - and throw it in the bin.  Well, lets just say I've found just normal, boring old fusible which will add a bit of stiffness, is going to be just fine.  And I still have some hair left.

A little closer up detail

Most of Block One

I decided to play along with the Swoonalong happening over at im a ginger monkey, with the intention of completing a block each month.  I've spent the last few days looking at my fabric selections, wondering how to mix and match - and after much pondering, decided to do a three fabric + background block, which will let me highlight some of the fabrics on more than one block, and work them in with different fabrics.  Probably would have been heaps easier to just do a two colour block like the instructions said... but who said it had to be easy?  Yesterday I cut the first block coloured fabrics... and today cut out the requirements for the background fabric.  My tips for getting this finished: Concentrate on one block at a time... and only cut what you need for each block from the background fabric - there is a lot of cutting involved and very easy to make silly mistakes.  I'm going to use several different white on whites... of which I have 1 yard each.

I've started piecing the upper left corner... a lot of thinking going into seam direction... and not sure whether to press seams open instead, in the hope that they aren't so bulky.  What's your opinion?
Other plans include to follow along with who is hosting a weekly sampler quilt along.  Week one has now been completed... well see how Week Two goes... I'm using leftover bits and pieces from my Buggy Barn Courthouse Stars quilt, plus all sorts from the other two BOM's with the intention of perhaps using the finished sampler, or some sort of combination of blocks on the back of the Gail Pan BOM.  So we will see how that goes.
Week One - Woven Block

Week One - Snowball Block
And just to be totally insane, I'm seriously considering jumping on the Made in Cherry quiltalong bandwagon (which is being hosted by pins and just trying to work out whether I've got enough fabric.  Which I'm pretty sure I have... like who hasn't got heaps of fabric?

As it's Monday, I'll link up with BOM's Away and also Lee at Freshly Pieced on Wednesday (if I remember).


  1. Love your My Tweets block! Sorry about all the troubles you had! I've no idea whether open seams are the way to go with Swoon blocks! Yours are very pretty BTW!

  2. Your tweets blocks are so nice and I wondered if you could please not show them to me! I am too tempted to do this BOM.
    Your Gail Pan BOm, how have you done the applique on these? (not with your misty fuse for the sake of what hair is left)

  3. So many beautiful blocks, Suz. You've been really busy. I have the Swoon pattern and have been wanting to give it a go but it seems I never have the right fabrics at hand. Love your version above :)

  4. Wowzers!! I just love your projects, Suz! I'm in the middle of collecting fabrics to do My Tweets, and I'm in awe of your choices. SO pretty. Good to see you at BOMs Away!

  5. Wow lots to see and drool over! Love them all... I haven't heard of that Misty fuse.. sounds like a frustrating experience. I'm pleased I'm not the only one with lots on the go!!

  6. So the applique mat didn't work ... sorry!!! Will have to do a little more research on Misty fuse.

  7. I love the big applique block, the pattern but also the colors you've chosen,

  8. I like how your swoon blocks are coming along. You inspire me to get onto mine.

  9. Everything looks just adorable....but I love your applique piece...just beautiful

  10. Okay, I just had to comment after that hilarious description of trying to work with that fusible web. I know it wasn't hilarious at the time, but you do such a great job describing the frustration for all of us--thank you for a smile tonight! I breezed through a few more of your posts on this blog and enjoyed seeing all your projects--so impressive!

    Carry on!

    Elizabeth E!

  11. Your appliqué is simply fabulous! True art.

  12. I absolutely love your work. Your fabric choices are beautiful - very homey and comforting and soft. I'm so glad I found your blog, I can't wait to see your progress with these projects!!