Friday, January 27, 2012

Background Fabric...

Check!  When I started cutting the squares for the Made in Cherry quiltalong... I wasn't sure what direction the background was going to take.  After a very successful trip to The Country Yard - I came home with the perfect solution (thank you Kerryn and the team of lovely ladies).

French General Petite Ecole - little red/burgundy dots on I suppose what you'd call a mushroom or mink background.  Priceless!

As far as progress goes... I have finished piecing all my points, and have two more seams to complete to get my central square finished.  Whew!  I think I was most worried about gusts of wind (named Nadia and Dylan) whooshing my little squares away from their carefully randomised placements.  Next problem will be actually cutting out the required humungous triangles from the background fabric... instructions say to cut a 43" square and cut on both diagonals... sounds scary.  I have drafted the pattern roughly into EQ6 and printed off the template for the triangle which I will use to cut around.  Much safer I hope.  The beauty of EQ6 templates is that they cut the bunny ears off, and allow perfect matching - music to my ears.

I've chosen my next grouping of fabrics for Swoon block number two.  This time the large floral (which was the star in the last block) will feature in the little accent triangles, the solid will be the largest bit, and the grey print will be the central star.

 All ready for next month. 

I've also finished blanket stitching the last few flowers and leaves on My Tweets central panel.  It sure has been a busy few weeks.


  1. Things are progressing nicely! Good luck cutting out that 43" square! Ugh!

  2. Great pick on the background fabric..the first cut will be the hardest (sing to that) and then you'll be whizzing with those huge triangles...have fun!

  3. Good shopping! I reckon this quilt will look great.