Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I've been a bit distracted... we have had Nana come to visit last week, so although the BIG ONE got finished after she left, not a lot of other stuff got done. 

This was all I could fit in the camera screen... need to do a good outdoor shoot but also need it to stop raining!

Closeup of a less than perfect feather...

The last couple of days have been spent sewing and finishing a little dress for my midget.
One happy chappie
Oh to be 6 and get away with these sort of combinations.
She is very happy, and it is actually a pattern I would sew again!  Wow, how often do you say that??  In fact, who remembers me swearing off any form of sewing that wasn't quilt making??  Should I confess that I have fabric for a pair of pull on pants (what a weird explanation - don't you pull on all pants?) and two tops...?  The fabrics are to die for, so I just have to make them - hopefully before summer finishes.  So a few details, I purchased and downloaded the pattern from - not without it's hitches but all worked out in the end, Simplicity 2377 View C.

After a circle-less week, I have been playing with these babies again... OK, so I need to do more... yes, I have some awaiting the glue stage... they will get added as time goes on - but COOL aye?

I also have pulled out the instructions for Block Three of Gail Pan's Bluebirds and Berries BOM.  Making progress!
A little crooked, still heaps more to do... and I notice I've chopped the last bit off the bottom which is a vine block - although it is just an empty background rectangle at the moment, which probably explains why it got chopped off in the first place.
I've also been keeping an eye on numerous quilt alongs... oh, so tempting... and I've even bought a pattern for one... dang it... and downloaded instructions (although as Nadia would say "constructions" as in "Mummy, do you have the constructions for that?") for another... how on earth did that happen??  How many more weeks of school holidays are there - am I losing my mind??

But sometimes I just have to admit to karma (or whatever it is) - when something happens, and you go, I have fabric that would look great in this... and it's a pattern I really like... and... and... and so I think I'm going to join the "I'm a ginger monkey" Swoon quiltalong (would that be a Swoonalong??) - using these FabricWorm fabrics I got last year.

Do you like them all lined up?
Or a bit more random?  This was two fat quarter bundles that caught my fancy and I thought might work together in some way - or is that swoonway??.
Must be the day of double questionmarks!!  Edited to add I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced... check out what everyone else has been up to.


  1. GOlly, you've sure made up for the quiet time during your Nana's visit with plenty of sewing and planning - isn't it all so exciting planning the new projects, collecting the fabrics (yes I know you are shopping from your stash this year...) Your daughter's dress is very sweet I used t love being able to combine fabrics like that too, when mine were young. I am guessing pull-on pants are really zipless pants or elastic-waisted pants...but they don't sound quite as 'catchy', do they?!

  2. I'm doing the swoon-along too. And "constructions" is a fabulous word!

  3. You did a great job with your feathers on a beautiful quilt! I also love the colours in your daughters dress!!

  4. Love the quilt on the bed! It's really pretty!

  5. That dress is simply adorable (and so's your little girl)

  6. Gorgeous quilt & dress! Your little girl is adorable!

  7. Have fun on the Swoon along! I'm doing a variation called a Carpenter's Wheel. Love your quilt! Hey, I can't do a feather at all so yours look great!

  8. LOVE that dress! Everything's great!!

  9. Beautiful quilt. The colors loo so bright even with the picture being taken inside.... I wanna do the Swoom qal as well if I can possibly squeeze it in.

  10. Love the quilt and your feather quilting is wonderful.
    The dress looks fabulous and so does your daughter.
    The colours you have chosen for the Swoonalong are lovely, very restful.

  11. Yay! A finish! And why is it not hanging in the school hall right now? Love the dress too - and love those fabrics for your Swoonalong too.

    Happy New Year!

  12. i love the pictures of your daughter in that adorable dress!! and we finally got our first snow of the year. it is funny to hear you talk about summer sewing :)

  13. You quilting looks great and so does the quilt!