Monday, January 23, 2012

Let the madness commence

Had to quickly remove the circle quilt from the design wall to display all the 200+ 4 1/2" squares I cut for the Made in Cherry quilt.  Ohhh, ahhh... I hear from the cheap seats.  Looks like this one is going to be here to stay for at least a little while until it gets pieced into some bigger sections.  I keep thinking about all the great variations/possibilities of this design... I spy... batiks... totally scrappy... brights... will I be mental enough to make another one?  We shall wait to see how this one goes together first.

Well, starts with 100 squares

Then you start to add the pointy bits

But wait there's more

And the finishing triangle bits make the points truely pointy
I'm waiting until the sections are pieced before making any decisions on background fabrics - will keep you posted.  The background is cut into humungous triangles that are attached to the pieced triangles flying geese style, then along with smaller squares for the corners, sewn onto the central square.  I was a bit worried that there would be inset seams (I promise to wash my mouth out) - so was really pleased to read the instructions and realise how easy it is should be.

I have also been merrily blanket stitching around my My Tweets centre block.  Over half way now... I will estimate approximately three quarters (and counting) completed.

I've also had a bit of a blat with the clothes sewing thing... and made my pull on pants (also known as elastic waisted slacks) and at the last minute changed my plans for the top material I had bought and made a rather shapeless, unflattering top that I am a bit cross about. 
Thank you to the 6 years old who took my photo

I sort of saved it by putting elastic through the bottom hem, so at least it does pull in somewhere - looked just a little too maternity (like 9months with twins) - which I figured I just didn't need.  I would like to buy just a bit more of this fabric and make an infinity scarf - because it will go with so many of my other outfits.  I bought the pants material to go with the top material... but am not liking the outfit together - it's a bit nana-ish.  While I realise I am approaching a certain birthday this year, I don't need to look like I'm that old (or older) do I?  I do like the pants with a simple black tunic, and the top is not so bad with jeans.  That just leaves one more piece of fabric which I intend to make the top on the cover of this book with. 

Both the other patterns were from this book too.  You need to trace off the patterns from the pattern sheet then add the necessary seam and hem allowances - which is a bit of a pain and I used the eye ball method which probably shouldn't be recommended.

I was going to use the other fabric for this top too, but worried that it was a bit too floaty and could be difficult to cut and sew with so many bits.  I wonder if I should have risked it - but too late now.

I've also finished my first and last... no just kidding, first Swoon Block. 

24 inches of Swoon loveliness

These were the good seams - I have developed quite a broad concept of good,

and the not so good seams - ended up feeling I was just glad to get the block finished, will hope for better next time... and eternally grateful that I decided to only attempt one block per month. 

What a ripper - literally.  Every seam needed to be adjusted with my trusty little quick unpick.  Partly because I changed construction methods and started pressing the seams open.  Not my favourite way to make things match up - but I was struggling to get my sewing machine to sew accurately through the seam intersections.  How do people who do open seams get them to stay lined up?  At least opposing seams cause the butting together syndrome... I struggled to even get the opens seams pinned together accurately, let alone sewn.


  1. Sorry, can't help you with matching the open-pressed seams. What a pretty Swoon block, though! :D And you know what - when it's all together and quilted, nobody's ever going to see your points as anything but very nice. Those are not bad at all for anything that isn't a high-stakes show competitor. ;D (I'm working on getting myself AWAY from crippling perfection-demandation)

  2. Those points aren't so bad, the point is, the block is beautiful :-) No one will notice the points when they have the whole pretty block to look at (love the colors!)...also the star quilt looks fun, but maybe hard to put together. I haven't made a quilt yet that wasn't all the same block just sewn together in rows..I think it would be hard keeping a separate pattern for each row - have a feeling I'd be doing a lot of seam ripping! Also, at least you were brave enough to TRY clothes. They seem so out of my league right now. Before long you will know how to sew to make things comfortable for you. Try looking at the seams on your favorite shirt! Someday I'd like to try but me oh my, looks hard! Good job :-)

  3. Do you ever eat or sleep? I'm constantly amazed at how much you manage to get done - esp since it's school holidays and shouldn't you be playing meaningful games with your children ;) ?
    Someone told me once to match open seam you put a pin through one seam straight down and then through the other seam. Then when you pin normally the seams will be lined up. (Does that make sense?)

  4. Suz, love your fabric choice for the Made in Cherry and can't wait to see the background you picked out. Spotted sounds very interesting. Please, please do post a picture :)

    And you're so brave for taking on clothes. I'm to much of a chicken to even think about that. I have this super simple dress that I use for almost everything (one of those dress up, dress down dresses) and would love to make a few more of them but just the thought of making a sleeve petriefies me to be honest.

    I match open seams just like Ms Lottie explained. It takes a little longer to match them perfectly but the result is well worth it :)

  5. Great to see you yesterday--- and all your gorgeous projects. I was disappointed though that you weren't wearing your new outfit :-)!! matching up seams can be frustrating but I also do it the way Charlotte describes. I'm sure practise makes perfect--- your first (of many) swoon block is Lovely.