Saturday, February 11, 2012

Still no buttons...

and not a heck of a lot of sewing.  The kids have had two short weeks back at school - which means two short weeks of being back at work for me.  It's been tiring getting back into the swing of early starts, school runs, work chaos and the reverse of everything at the end of the day, but the added angst of homework, washing... dinner at a regular time.  You know - mum stuff.  So... sewing has taken a backseat.  Not because I want it to, it just doesn't figure at the moment.

So today being Saturday... I had high hopes.  But I woke up sort of grumpy and miserable, so have done the groceries... washing... dishwasher... freemotion sewing experiment which I'm about 1/3 of the way through unpicking... still feel a bit grumpy and miserable and wish I'd never turned the sewing machine on.  You know how it is?

I've been angsting (my new favourite word) about backings for my double disappearing nine patch quilt as I've got several options - all of which require some degree of piecing.  Now I'm just confused and can't make a decision.

On a different note, we visited the Reptile Park at Warkworth on Monday (which was Waitangi Day so a national holiday).  If you ever find yourself in Warkworth (about an hourish north of Auckland) and want to walk about for a while - it's well worth a visit.

This is Willie - a 40yr old 248kg tortoise

We had fun trying to find the animals...

This was one of the scenic paths.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get something significant done.

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  1. I didn't even know that reptile park existed!
    Yup, reckon we all have our grumpy days, just a wee bump in life, maybe when you get to put your buttons on your quilt, it will 'button' things up for you. Ok, I'm a quilter, not a physiologist....just saying don't be too hard on yourself for feeling this way.