Sunday, February 5, 2012

Well I didn't sew any buttons on...

But I did make a book cover following Ms Lottie's surely famous by now tutorial over on The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady.

So how did this happen... well, it started several weeks ago when Monika asked me if I was interested in having a tutu with screen printing.  She details our progress (well, me doing a lot of watching, while Monika did a lot of screen printing) over on her blog - Quilting Journey.  Our first practice piece was a calico version of Nadia's name, then we proceeded to print on two pink pillow cases (photos not being co-operative, so check out the bottom of the post).

Home I came with the pillow cases, and the calico piece which got put on a pile of things and semi-forgotten.  Until today.  Today I also read Melody's (Melody of Fibre Mania) quilt along information on how she creates her wonderful fuses pieces.  Ding ding went the little people in my head, and the rest is history.  Or at least, Portfolio Cover (aka clear folder cover for school) now completed.

Shapes overlapped and fused onto batting, prior to trimming - which I then stitched around to make sure they didn't fall off.  Not sure what the batting is - could be heat resistant stuff that was about the right size, so if all else fails, she will have a ginormous mug rug. 

Front view

Inside cover.

Back view
The pillow case

Close up of the screen printing.  We should have ironed it before printing, which explains the little run through the middle of the D.

Maybe back to the buttons tommorrow??


  1. Wow!!!! I'm glad your little people in your head came to the party! What a special book cover for your daughter.

  2. Yay! You've made one too! If a student of mine came to class with a folder like Nadia's, I would be uber-impressed! She would immediately become teacher's pet. Unfortunately (or fortunately maybe) they don't bother covering their books by the time they get to high school!

  3. Oh lots of fun - love what you did with the screen printing... I'm sure Nadia will be delighted too.

  4. whoop whoop well done! Just having a break from fixing screens actually :-) Will have to try doing sth. creative with my attempts now!