Saturday, September 29, 2012

Progress Report

This week has been the last week of Term Three at school.  The last couple of weeks of the winter terms always seem so long... kids get tired and grouchy, which means tired and grouchy parents.  So as a real wind down... we decided to hold Nadia's 7th birthday party on the first Saturday of the holidays.  On the good side - it meant that we start the break with a clean house - woot, I can spend the next two weeks sewing!!  On the down side... oh, all the stuff about tired and grouchy plus a couple of over-excited, sugar crazed kids.  But it's now over and done with, we have one special friend staying for a sleepover, and they can sleep as long as they like tomorrow - so all good.

During the week I took photos of my large log cabin quilt with the intention of entering it into a large quilt exhibition.  I've never submitted photos for anything before.  Makes me wonder about the quality of my photos.  However, they are all now sent off, and I just need to wait to hear news, good or bad.  And finally, an almost complete photo to share.  Remember, I couldn't even fit this one on the design wall!

This was probably the better shot - being held off the deck by my husband, but his arm span doesn't quite reach from side to side, hence the empty top right hand corner.

This one had two helpers - husband and still 6 year old daughter - they struggle to co-ordinate tension issues.  And by this stage, husband was well and truly sick of the process.  I only took two photos!!

A few close up shots of the quilting.  Suddenly it doesn't seem that flash when you look at it closeup.

And a couple of shots of the back.

This is one quilt design I could imagine doing again.  I really should write up some instructions for it so I can start earning my millions as a quilt designer...  well, I'm sure that Tula started somewhere!

Next time I'll treat you to a shot of Nadia's cake!


  1. There is nothing like the feeling of relief AFTER the kids birthday party is done. Phew! I think you should def write up the pattern.

  2. Well done to your patient family members on quilt display duty. I hope they like your photos and it gets accepted - I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! I love the colours in this quilt. When you are a famous quilt designer I'll be able to say I knew you before you became famous and I will feel very important!! Hope the party kids sleep well and you get some good sewing time over the hols!

  3. Yippie the party is over! I hope the kids are peaceful & content.
    Good luck......'soon to be famous someone I know'!!

  4. I love the low volume colour palette and the swirly quilting! Good luck with your entry!

  5. Lovely quilt. I love All bento style quilts :)