Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hometown Wagon Wheels keep on turning...

My Denyse Schmidt Wagon Wheel quilt made from my Hometown layer cake is finally all in one piece.

I had some of the grey Heath crosshatch which I'd decided pretty early on to sash it with.  This has a soft white background... a bit different from the more buttery cream tones in the layer cake.  By choosing a light toned cream for the background pieces it all sits together nicely (or at least I hope it does - please don't tell me it doesn't, I don't want to know).

All together!

Cutting the circle from the pre-pieced nine patch left me with these shaped pieces left over.

 Too big to throw away - but it took me a while to work out what I wanted to do with them.

Cut triangles... this left the funny shaped sliver to go into the scrap bin.

And what better  use for a triangle than a chevron formation.  Perfect as the jumping point for the backing.

As the backing starts to come together, I am now thinking about my quilting options.

 * I could FMQ each segment with a different design.
 * I could straight line quilt over the entire surface.
 * I could handquilt echoing around the shapes.
 * I could handquilt large circular shapes similar to those in the fabric below randomly across the quilt surface.

So what would you do?

 On a different note - the Wonderfill thread I purchased had a KNOT in it... right in the middle. And not a tangle sort of knot - but a consciously tied knot.

 I know, the cheek of it.  Needless to say, it didn't go through the needle - although thankfully it didn't cause any more problems than having to stop, rethread and start again.  Have you ever come across this before?


  1. Not a knot! And no I haven't come across it before, you must be an extra special person to get one ;)

    And I LOVE your chevrons!!

    I like the hand quilting circular shapes idea or the straight line quilting across the whole of it idea for quilting.

  2. I have bought thread with a knot in it...many times! I think the last was a ball of Perle embroidery thread! Very, very annoying! Could you do some stabilising machine quilting first, then some hand quilting too! I like a combination these days!

  3. I've had the knot before, but more in embroidery threads.

  4. I too have had my brain!!! No I have had them in thread before, but only in cheapie stuff....let the company know, they might replace it for you.
    Quilting, what would I do? Mmmmm wait to see what you come up with as you always come up with something perfect!

  5. How aggravating! I really like Susan (Patchwork and Play)'s idea - I think a simply machine quilted design with chunky hand quilting to accent the circles would look fab. Love both your quilts.

  6. Love love love Hometown. Interesting design, I like the randomness of a splash of color here and there.

  7. Your quilt top is looking lovely! Unfortunately I have no suggestions on the quilting, that's always my downfall when finishing a quilt! Love the chevron for the back!

  8. I love the fabrics you are using for this quilt

  9. Looks great!
    I wouldn't be happy to find a knot in the middle of a spool of thread. I often see them in a skein of yarn, but that doesn't affect my crocheting or knitting like it would if you were sewing along.

  10. I love the color palette-very soothing.

  11. What a beautiful quilt! I think the colors you chose are lovely, and the whole design is really coming together I think you've gotten some ideas from others about the quilting, so I won't add my .02. About the knot--oh, yes, but it's just because they need to fill up their spool of thread and maybe it broke somewhere. I'm always happy when I catch them before they go through the needle, too, but if it gets that far, it just stops everything.

    Again--fabulous quilt.

    Thanks for stopping by Freshly Pieced and posting your WIP link.
    Elizabeth E., Guest Host

  12. I have had a spool of aurifil with two knots in it. Very, very frustrating indeed. Love your wagon wheel quilt. I'm about to make one myself. Love the 9-patch method you used for making the blocks. Any pointers you can share?