Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Week One - Wednesday WIP

 After a pretty promising start to the holidays our weather decided to pack a sad on Sunday, and we've had dreary rain ever since.  It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't also humid beyond belief - so hot, sticky rain + two kids =  lots of lego creations.  This is a jail... don't ask me what they watch on TV??

Today I used the get out of jail free card and we disappeared into town for the morning.  A visit to the library has restocked my reading material because shock/horror - the library is closed over the entire two week Xmas break!  Unheard of!

And then we had the icing sugar incident - lets just say Dylan, icing sugar, big mess.  Connect the dots.  I needed to clean that drawer out anyway.

On the crafting front, I have been making progress.  Woohoo!  Block Seven of Gail Pan's Bluebirds and Berries BOM is coming along nicely - I've got the applique done and just need to piece together the bits.  Block Eight is also slowly appearing from the scraps.  I love watching applique blocks appear:

Taking the lead from Charlotte I reassessed my sewing space - and decided that the only thing that really twisted my undies was the bookshelf in front of the design wall - it limited my access and just blocked up that wall.  The books have been reinstated in the house, and look at all the space I've gained!  Enough room to swing maybe two cats and a guinea pig!

After all that progress, I just felt the need to have a bit of a fabric play.  This quilt has always been on my list of One Days.

It's an Elizabeth Hartman pattern from this magazine:

 There are also some other projects in there that I gaze at longingly...

Except I have a bag phobia

Wouldn't this be great out of Xmas fabrics?? 

So out came my fat quarter bin, and I pulled this delicious selection of fabrics, now to decide on a background fabric - we have light grey solid, a darker slightly khaki sort of grey solid (I just want to call it donkey OK?), and then a white on white print.  Do you have a favourite?

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  1. Def not the white on white. I think donkey would be the most striking! The Avalon Quilt is very cool.

  2. I'm thinking Donkey too! (Fabric, I mean!!LOL!)

  3. Yep go with donkey!

    Loving your applique quilt - just gorgeous.

    As for the humidity + kids equation, I am totally hearing you on that one. Not fun. Sewing therapy is much needed.

  4. On the icing sugar front, it hasn't been much better here. Youngest son has spilt 1/2 a bottle of milk, smashed a glass fill of water, and put the frozen peas back in the freezer unsealed. You can imagine I wasn't pleased when I grabbed out the peas for tea, and they went all over the floor and under the fridge! The worst thing is he is not little like your kids, he is 18.
    Just as well we quilt to calm us down ;-)

  5. I'm a donkey voter, too. :D

    And I really love your Berries and Bluebirds - that's been on my drool list for quite a while. So fun to watch someone making it, and it looks like you're so close to having all the blocks!

  6. Hee Haw!!!
    (and I think that says in all in regards to fabric choices and the icing sugar escapade)