Monday, March 11, 2013

Just Swooning Along

You do know what these little orange tags on the floor mean, don't you?

Yip, I don't need them any more to identify which block goes where.

After pondering placements: do I like the green blocks in the corners with the two navy blocks in opposing corners?

Or do I like it better with the green blocks in a slightly more random placement?  Is it just me or does that big navy star just look huge?

  OK, I'll look at it from the other side... bugger, that way catches a beam of light right in the middle. But you know, the navy is not so imposing.  That's good!  There was no chance of sewing any more blocks!

And so we have, drum roll please, a finished quilt top!

And just because the white on white prints just showed up so well with the quilt hanging over the window like this, a photo to show just a few of these prints.  You know how hard it is to get these guys to show up in photos, don't you?

I've been pulling possible contenders for the backing... nothing doing yet. 

But in breaking news, I have just finished piecing together the inaugural basket block - following the tweaks mentioned last post... much better.

I bought some fancy triangle rulers, and just to prove that they seem to work really well, just look at the piecing!  No pinning or starching took place in the creation of this block.  Now, not every seam is absolutely perfect - but heck, it's pretty good!

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  1. Your points are amazing! Far better than my recent flying geese attempts! Ugh! And I love the layout of the Swoon! It's funny how looking at a something upside down changes the whole feel of it!

  2. I think those points are perfect! So glad you got your Swoon top is very impressive...such a pretty block.

  3. Like!! Looks fantastic. You must be over the (sw)moon that it's finished. And have I ever seen you use pink before? I have a pretty good stash of pink if you need to raid.

  4. Hey! I love the color changes you used in the basket - it looks so pretty this way. :) And I gotta ask: which triangle rulers did you use? Amazing seams.

  5. Wow your Swoon top looks great!!!! Great the fancy ruler is a hit.

  6. Swooning over your swoon!!! Must remember that trick of standing on my head to look at a quilt layout from a different angle!
    Where would we be without these tool!! Great seams :-)