Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Again

Here we are Sunday again, so it must be time for another project roundup.

Tokyo Subway: This month is Dark Blue month.

And we're doing Block 6 and 12.  Of course, Block 7 has the same colours too, so if you're feeling super enthusiastic, you can do this one too.

Here we have Block 6 all laid out... the grey background is more subtle than say a white or black choice, but the colours still look radiant.

I sewed together another Modern Cross block... wasn't until I took the photo that I noticed the problem with the contrast.

While I thought it wouldn't bother me... it did, in fact, bother me heaps... this ones much better

And the two little blocks side by side... one day I hope they'll have lots of brothers and sisters... cousins... second cousins etc etc.  Well, there are 60 blocks in the quilt, so I will probably be doing this one for quite some time.

I also put together the rest of the trial Plus/Cross block started last weekend...  

Still no Swoon progress.  Although I have made progress on the third dresden fan block.


  1. You have made some solid progress on lots of things! You were right to change the grey out of the Modern Cross.. it would always bug you, I expect!

  2. Busy beaver! I'm liking your Dresden' will see one on my blog soon that I just finished for one of my customers.

  3. You makes the rest of us seem lazy ;) great progress

  4. Happy Sunday update day. Yeah, that contrast (or lack thereof) would have bothered me too, but whether I would have done anything about it....well, who knows. They are neat little blocks.