Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Will you not get bored?

I spent the weekend away with 9 other members of my local quilt guild, sewing, eating and chatting.  I had no major goals for the weekend, and took along some basket pieces and modern cross blocks to keep my busy.  Lets just say I did plenty of eating and chatting!

This basket is called "Picnic Basket" and the colours seemed very appropriate to me - bright and sunny.  I also completed the Sewing and Cherry baskets while away.  Lots of little pieces to keep me entertained.

The modern crosses are growing... it's been a while since I committed to a quilt with more than 9 blocks... if I ever do get to 60 it will seem like a huge accomplishment.  I wonder whether I will have any followers by the time I finish it?  I love making each block and putting them up with their whanau (Maori for family), but even I can see how this could become a little boring.  Maybe I should do a monthly update on this to keep things moving along a little bit?

And the basket/sampler blocks so far... the setting triangles are just placed there for effect at present, I need to cut more to get a bit of variety - but I just wanted to see what it would look like!  I need to get instant gratification when I can :0)

Since the final layout will be 5 x 5, I have got more than one whole row completed!  Woohoo!  Don't you find it interesting how the setting triangles/sashing help to make the busy background pieces recede and the jelly roll/basket colours come forward?  I am really glad I didn't choose cream for the background!

Maybe it's time to do some more applique to keep things interesting... what would you like to see??


  1. Plenty to share with us Suzanne, great that you got to have some time away to eat, no chat, no SEW!! Yes I agree always intriguing how sashing or setting triangles can really change a block. Your followers will be eagerly awaiting the finished crosses - grin - if you enjoy them, go for it!!

  2. Looks like you had a refreshing time away, a much needed break from the kids.
    How you set your blocks can really give such different looks.

  3. Well there is a really large quilt with some hand blanket stitch applique somewhere in your stash.....I haven't seen that one at Friday group for a while. Why don't you lay that out and take a pic to get you motivated?

  4. I love the flower basket block! I think I need to make some of them!

  5. I love basket blocks. Good job.

  6. I like the low tone background and use of the text fabrics.