Sunday, March 30, 2014

A show, a pattern, a quilt, a bed and a sunset

Armed with camera and a little spending money, I attended the Whangarei Guilds exhibition yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  So much so... that I completely forgot to take any photos!  Not the first time this has happened... and unlikely to be the last.  Leeann who blogs at Quilt Whangarei already has photos up of the challenge entries (showing very imaginative re-purposing of shirts) and I'm sure she'll have the other exhibition photos up soon.

I bumped into a few old friends and had a great time catching up... as you do.  I also took the time to find out a little bit more about a particular pattern, from Kerry who has an online shop Tulis Textiles here in Northland, selling batiks, patterns and specialty rulers (amongst other things).  My bucket list includes a double wedding ring quilt - although I don't think I have the patience or stamina for the truly traditional version.  This pattern and ruler should make it do-able... when I'm allowed to start something new again of course.  My brain is already whizzing with possibilities.

I also visited with all the merchants, and carefully chose only two fat quarters.  Yup, just two.  Aren't I good?

On the finishing front, I put the last few stitches in The Robot Quilt binding, attached a label

Did a bit of personalisation for the new owner... a little boy...

who is going to turn four next week.

And the final, outdoor photo.  I'm very pleased with how this quilt has turned out - and super happy to have found a purchaser, with all money raised going to fundraising efforts for my sons snow trip later in the year.

With the end of the month rolling around tomorrow, it was time for a new quilt on the bed.  This one has not been slept under yet - and in fact, the binding still has just over a side to be stitched down... but all good things take time.  I've been consciously try to increase my speed slipstitching the binding down... and along with stitching in the afternoon as opposed to the evening, I have been getting better (the robot quilt only took a few days!).  So really, I should put this on my list to get {completely} finished by the end of the April.

My Gypsy Bandana Craftsy 2012 BOM Sampler quilt, experimentally straight line quilted on Janet (the handiquilter frame)

The view out the window this evening... glorious - although not sure the camera has really caught the moment.

No that's not a UFO - it's the reflection of our light pendant
OK, that's me all caught up with my adventures.  Plans for this week include working on the Bluebirds and Berries panel, with the last bit of vine almost stitched down, then the applique elements will need to be blanket stitched.  I hope to baste the Japanese ladies quilt this week... so it'll be another busy one, down in the Sewing Shed.  Have a good week!


  1. Such restraint Suz! Good for you! It is lovely to see the robots finished and plans to baste the pretty Japanese ladies is a step in the right direction too! Now, no starting that Double Wedding Ring....yet!

  2. Shannon was asking me if I'd ever had a hankering to do a double wedding ring after we spied that one at the show. Maybe one day. I'll watch with interest how you get on with the fancy ruler. I watched the sunset which was lovely from here too, but not quite as spectacular, you have more sky in your view methinks.

  3. I love how you have personalised the Robot quilt. I'm sure Callum will love it for many years. Lovely to see you at the Show, thanks for saying hi.

  4. Yes, I like how you personalised the robot quilt too, very cool! I have a double wedding ring quilt from one of my customers, she started it in the 1980's, it is a beauty. They are a classic quilt.
    The sky was amazing here this morning, I think you are right, it is hard to capture the real beauty on camera.

  5. Great that the Robot quilt already has a home to go to - well done on the wonderful finish :-) You were very controlled at the show, I look forward to your adventures with the Double Wedding ring quilt. There have been some nice skies lately, good picture! Have fun with this week's list!

  6. The robot quilt is wonderful. The personalization is really great. Your sunset is gorgeous too. I found your blog via listening to Charlotte's blog... which I heard about on another podcast... long way around. I am just over the ditch... in Australia.