Sunday, April 6, 2014

Three steps forward, Two steps back

My plans for this week were to finish the bottom border of the Bluebirds and Berries BOM quilt, and sew the back and baste my Japanese Ladies quilt.

I'm pleased to report that the bottom border was finished, and has been attached!

The innner design is from Gail Pan's Bluebirds & Berries BOM as per the pattern, I've designed the blue applique border to enlarge the quilt to a useable bed size, using elements from other areas of the quilt.

All of the fabrics used (excluding backgrounds) were in the scrap department...
I've even nutted out the bulk of the top border... so I'm really happy :0)

The Japanese ladies backing/basting is another matter.

 I had a plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel... sorry, the only Blackadder quote I know.  Unfortunately the weasel got away as the fabric I purchased for the purpose of backing this quilt was not long enough.  A bit of creative piecing eventually resulted in a piece big enough for the backing.

Did this really take me all morning?

This pinky toned fabric is just too cute.

After laying out all my pieces of batting, I realised there wasn't enough to cover the quilt.  So this has now been folded up and put away pending a shopping trip.  No basting today.

In other news, Saturday was stitch and chat day at my place... I knuckled down and bound this small quilt that has been sitting around for simply ages.  Does anyone remember it?

It disappeared off with Charlotte to be donated to the local maternity unit.

And today since I didn't end up basting, I reassessed my Seeing Squares progress, and decided to cut my losses... it's just not turning out how I imagined it... and turn it into a maternity unit quilt too.

There were two issues with sewing this quilt with scraps.  One being that my size of scrap were a bit small for the block size needed.  So I ended up with heaps of the smallest unit... not so many of the bigger ones.  Second, it was all turning out a bit wild.  I can do wild, and it looks OK at this size, but I'm not sure how a bigger version would turn out.  Maybe it needed more solids to balance the prints.  But this was not going to happen out of a scrap project.  Something to think about if there is a second attempt at this pattern.  This size (which must be 24x24") is just fine.  It still needs basting and quilting... a job for another day.  And it means that the big pile of bits that has been congregating behind my sewing machine has been cleared away... making room for something else.

Now I'll have to think about what I want to get done this coming week.  Hmmm... what shall I choose?


  1. seem to have had great progress! Loving Blueberries & Birds, my favourite!

  2. Well even little progress is better than no progress :) too bad the square quilt didn't work out. I think it's super cute though and am sure it will make someone at the maternity unit very, very happy. The Japanese ladies will be awesome with lots of eye catching details front and back. And ... pew... Your appliqué looks great . Lots of detail, lots of work.

  3. The prints in your squares version do give it a totally different look from the pattern, so more solids or at least tonal prints might be the go, but, as you say, not a scrap project.
    I like what you've done for the backing of your Japanese ladies, necessity and invention and all that.

  4. The Bluebirds and Berries borders are how this quilt is turning out. I HATE piecing is a times-eating process. How cool to be able to donate little projects to the maternity unit.

  5. Your Bluebrds and Berries is looking so good! Wonderful extra dimension with that extra border. I spent a bit of time piecing a backing yesterday too - it takes a while to make sure everything will be straight on the back! Good on you with the donation quilts, a good idea to clear the decks a little.

  6. Wow! Great progress Suz! Can I hear the 'something new' plans whirring about in your head! Get some batting and finish those cute little dolls first!

  7. I hate when the batting is barely not big enough. The quilt is adorable though, and I love the backing.

  8. Well, Seeing Squares may not have turned out the way you envisioned it, but it sure is neat - somebody will love getting that!! :) I really like the borders you worked up for Bluebird and Blueberries. They go so nicely with it, and extra kudos for using scraps!!