Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bits and bobs

Halfway there...

Some little birds

But whoops, there's a bit of a gap at the end.  Not so bad in itself, but the other blocks and borders extend further towards the outer edges.

The scrap paper from the fusible shapes does a quick stand in to see what a possible solution could look like...

Yip - I think this could work!  Tomorrow will be a bit more tracing and fusing.

Before I commit this scrap to the bin, I just thought you'd appreciate how close things were with the backing fabric for the Robot quilt.  I'd said that there might not be enough to cover both the borders and the backing... and I was almost right.  There was about 1/2" spare on either of the sides... reminder to self, don't do this again!

I had a weak moment.  A Fabricworm fabric sale email.  I clicked the link.  I was sunk!

Thinking that with overseas delivery, it could be that it wouldn't arrive until July... and then it would be OK.  But the package arrived in record time - about 13 days. 

But it's OK - 


... it's necessity fabric.  Have you ever come across fabric described in such a way on your customs declaration?  Little did they know, it is definitely necessity fabric... my precious!

And isn't it beautiful?  I am going to enjoy adding this into the stash cupboard.  In fact, it might call for some little bundles to be collated, fondled and photographed.  Watch this space :0)

And this little pattern made it's way into the bag as well.  Isn't it darling?  Pincushions and fiddley things aren't really my forte... so we'll have to see how this turns out.


  1. Isn't all fabric a necessity?! Love the latest necessity fabric and the pattern too! Just don't start anything new!!!

  2. A necessity of sure! Loving the birds & Blueberries progress!

  3. Love that customs declaration! B & B is looking good and I can't wait to see your little sewing kit - it's just too darn cute.

  4. Someone has a sense of humour with that packaging - we all know how true it is, and to see it written is so funny :-) Your birds and blueberries is looking great!!