Friday, April 18, 2014

An Easter Quickie

After a satisfying lie in this morning, reading and generally ignoring the world, I thought I'd make quick work of getting the butterflies sashed, and trimmed, and ready to assemble.  Not to be.  The endless stash run dry of white on white... progress so far...

Those of you who can count will realise that the original 9 block layout grew into a 12 block layout.  Rectangle quilts are much more practical for baby quilts, and it did help solve the placement problems I seemed to have with only 9 blocks and way too many fabrics.  Adding the purple and blues toned down the pink, yellows and oranges just nicely.

That's OK, because right next door were these cornerstones waiting to be blanket stitched and assembled.

After procrastinating about this all week long... I got this done also.  Looks like the borders are going to be 6" finished.  That solves one design dilemma. 

On my shopping list next week:
 * enough white on white to finish the butterflies
 * batting to finish the Japanese ladies

Hope you are all enjoying the start of your Easter break, and maybe getting some stitching time in?


  1. Love the butterflies! Shame you ran out of fabric, you were on a roll! I spent over four hours thread basting my Museum Medallion. Now I am relaxing with a glass of wine, stitching away.... Happy Easter to you Suz!

  2. Those butterflies are great! :)

  3. your butterflies looks so lovely, they will make a very nice quilt, love the color for your other quilt.

  4. What a lovely baby quilt the butterflies will make. Happy Easter & chocolate munching to you!

  5. The butterflies and beautiful and so appropriate for this Easter break. I just got back from riding on our Combined Churches float in our annual street parade. It was covered in butterflies... paper ones!

  6. Too bad running out on white fabric... It's really annoying when that happens. Your butterflies looks great though - the more the merrier :)

  7. The butterflies are gorgeous!! What a shame, you have to break your fabric diet yet again!! Hope your Easter has gone well :-)

  8. Shopping? Sounds like fun, but not very fabric-diet like ;) Very cute butterflies. Hopefully you got some sewing done over the weekend (and no chocolate stains on your fabric).