Sunday, April 13, 2014

Paper Piecing, Butterflies and Vines

After a bit of a crappy week, it's been a good weekend.

I talked Juliet from The Tartan Kiwi into letting me test one of her paper pieced patterns... can you guess what it is?

I also have a very good excuse for starting another small new project.  When hubby (who makes me breakfast in bed every single day) asks if I can make an acquaintance a baby quilt... well, of course I say yes, and I seem to have the perfect quilt pattern waiting in the wings.  Handily, I have a decent stash as well :0)

Yip - the butterflies:  four down, five to go...

This is just the easiest pattern... and yet so effective! 

I also put my head down and after fusing the last bit onto the B&B border, blanket stitched it all down.  Now, it's attached and looking fine!

The extra few leaves petals at the end of the vine fill up the space nicely.

I've got plans for a narrow dark green border and then a large print border to finish off.   I've been tossing up whether to do a pieced unit for the border cornerstones, repeating the heart motif, small flower and 2" squares... although I really can't be bothered doing any more applique or piecing... but I think it will just finish it off perfectly.  Plus I have some leftover units from the other blocks.  Along with a few more butterflies... I hope to get these cornerstones and borders completed over the next week.


  1. I do like your idea of those pieced/appliqued cornerstones. I think you would regret it if you didn't! What's an extra few hours, especially when it will look fabulous! The butterflies are great Suz! They will make a great baby quilt!

  2. Wow...breakfast in bed every morning? I'm thrilled when my husband brings me coffee in bed! I'm anxious to see the pattern you are idea what it is! And love, love, love how the B & B quilt top has turned out. Like your idea for another border...borders make the quilt!

  3. My guess for the paper piecing is a martini glass...
    The butterflies are perfect for a baby quilt...
    And, whatever you do on the border will look great. But after doing all the work you've already done, isn't it worth putting in just a little more effort? You don't have a deadline or anything.
    Glad to hear you had a good weekend, hope your week wasn't too crappy.

  4. Geeze I LOVE your bluebirds & berries quilt, I suppose I have told you many times......really stunning!
    Mmmmm not sure what the paper piecing block is? Juliet is one clever designer. Good luck with the baby butterfly quilt.

  5. Your quilt and your butterflies are gorgeous.

  6. The butterflies looks great... Happy testing. The applique deserves a medal... along with your patience :)

  7. Feedly had robbed me of seeing you new background (and it's pain to comment in, on top of it all I'm probably using my wrong account but hey - you know where I live! Lol)!
    The butterflies are looking great - you had another orange lurking somewhere obviously!
    You already know that I think you should do cornerstones with appliqué and as for the pattern testing - I now want to look at it 'in the flesh' again and find that cute print!
    No sewing achieved still - maybe in the holidays... Xo M

  8. I love your little butterflies. They are so bright and happy looking. Your quilt is lovely too - my favourite colour.

  9. Hey! The butterflies are so pretty. :) Nice progress on your B&B quilt. The paper piecing . . . let's see - she's great with the bird patterns. . . another kind of penguin?

  10. Gorgeous butterflies - perfect for a baby quilt Suzanne! Aren't Juliet's patterns great? B&B is looking FANTASTIC - woohoo!!!

  11. That B&B quilt is gorgeous! Love the colorway. Oh so cute butterflies, too.