Friday, March 3, 2017

New Scrappy Project - Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Since succumbing to the rainbow side... I have been eagerly awaiting the new month to find out what colour this months blocks would be.  You can read more about So Scrappy's rainbow scrap challenge here.  Basically, following the colour of the month, you complete whatever scrap project you have chosen, although she has some great ideas (along with a whole heap of linky inspiration).

I have chosen this particular quilt as my rainbow challenge.

It is a design by Weeks and Ringle, and appears in the 2017 Modern Quilt Calendar.  Although I desperately hate the quilt, am not fond of the fabric aesthetic...  I am confident of the basic quilt design and layout, and I'm sure with a little bit of "all the good ones" magic it will all turn out perfectly.

I decided to stick with a selection of black/grey prints as the alternate square in all the blocks...

 ... and worked my way through a pretty meager selection of red scraps.  I must admit, red and yellow are my least purchased fabrics... hence the decision to chose Block P which consists of 1 1/2" squares.  My red selection went from a very brown rust, and something a bit coral like, right through to a solid barn red.

So all ready to start sewing!

This week has been a bit cruddy as far as sewing time goes.  But I have set aside time for cutting new blocks, and choosing fabrics.  So I still feel like progress is being made.

For the Tillies Lane large applique block this month (the watering can)...

I've set aside this interesting selection of fabrics.

And the mini block...

Will be sunglasses required eye popping.

While sorting through the red scraps, I cut a few more of the hourglass blocks from those fabrics large enough to cut 2" squares.

And I've cut up the remaining Starburst Cross blocks.

So now I am all ready to start sewing over the weekend!


  1. Looks like you will have plenty to keep you busy over the weekend! Happy sewing!

  2. Looking forward to seeing progress on your Rainbow Scrap Challenge, sounds fun!!

  3. ooo - I love your applique fabrics!

  4. Your selection of reds is very pretty!

  5. AWESOME selection of RED scraps (considering it's not a favorite of yours!) Looks like a super FUN project you've chosen for the RSC.

  6. Oh I missed this post - like your idea for the rainbow scrappy quilt! A little more interesting perhaps than making the same block over and over. And of course a perfect opportunity to rummage through fabric - always fun!

  7. What a great project for the rainbow scrap challenge. Looks like you've got lots of fun projects in the works based on all those fabric pulls. Happy stitching this week.