Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tillies Lane - Block 4

I had a quiet Saturday at home, with the rest of my family out at a farming Field Day.  I enjoyed my quiet time - sewing and cleaning... not a perfect mix, but achievements were made in both areas, so I'm calling it a win :o)

To start with, I wasn't sure what to sew first.  All the options!  So I started with the easy... my Tillies Lane BOM.  Since I had already chosen the fabrics, it was a simple matter of tracing the pieces onto fusible, wielding my iron and scissors and BAM!  We have two blocks ready for blanket stitch.

I would so buy this watering can!

A little mini 3" block full of colour
 Once these were done, and I felt a bit more settled, I assessed what sewing jobs I had lined up, and worked out that really I needed to focus on my Sugar Club blocks.  Doing the final round of triangles means sewing 40 half square triangles, then sewing them together into rows of 10 triangles, before any progress is made on the block.  This became my priority, and I sewed some hour glass blocks as leader enders, and started the basic piecing on the RSC block - the little 1" fourpatch blocks are so cute.

Just because this was taking up way too much room on the floor, I also pieced up the last few seams on the Stack, Shuffle, Slide quilt and I've just got borders to add now.  Looking GOOD!

All in all, a pretty constructive weekend.  Linking up with Lyn at BOM's away...


  1. Love the look of the Stack, Slash and Slide! The colours are very appealing!

  2. Very nice! Stack Shuffle and Slide is really cool.

  3. Very nice! Stack Shuffle and Slide is really cool.

  4. Hey, that does look good together! You got a nice batch of weekend work finished. Thanks for linking :)

  5. Good to see your progress Suzanne, your Stack shuffle and Slide looks very grand put together! You made good use of your day alone...and well done on squeezing in some cleaning too!

  6. Starting easy is the best way to do a sewing day. You end up feeling successful and getting a lot done!