Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Rainbow scrap challenge

Sorting through my scraps and deciding on the best block to choose for those scraps has lead to the creation of four new blocks this month.

So now I have two of the red blocks - 1" finished blocks, and two of the turquoise blocks - one with larger squares, and one with smaller squares, but needing some longer strips for the rectangular section.

Some left over lengths of jelly rolls were ideal for these stripes.

And the finished blocks so far.  Obviously, this is not their final placement.

Sorting through scraps had a bonus result with plenty of Tillies Lane hourglass blocks being cut at the same time, meaning I have already finished my 24 blocks needed for this month.

I had fun adding some similar but different squares and triangles, and I really like the variety it adds.


  1. Good on you with your red blocks... I haven't yet even pulled any out this month even though it's the colour I have the most of!! There's still a few days left in the month right?! Good to see you working through the months of Tillies Lane - you must be on the homeward stretch...?

  2. So interesting seeing red in your blog, it just doesn't turn up all that often!