Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the start of a new year!  I feel like I should have lots of plans, and be organised and have lists and words... but somehow I'm not quite ready to start thinking about those things yet.

Before the end of the year, I did manage to get my RSC quilt top sewn together.  This had stagnated somewhere around the "pink" month... and even though I only had 6 blocks to get finished, I found it quite hard to get enough motivation to finish these up.  Of course, once I had started, it was easy to finish off and get this top done.

I have since added a 5" black border to the sides making it 62x82"

Adding in a few pink blocks helped to tie in the pink elements included in the "multicoloured" blocks.

I also made some "neutral" blocks with black/white and grey fabrics.

Needing to make another baby quilt - for a teeny tiny baby girl this time, I picked up my Growing Up Modern book by Alison Harris.

I have always liked this Breezy quilt, but it had never quite worked out before.

Using a bundle of 21 x 3" strips in a mix of purple, blue and turquoise (leaving out the raucous green with gold overlay ones *shiver in horror*), I laid the strips out in a soft gradient and altered the cutting instructions from the 2.5" cut strips in the pattern, to suit the 3" ones I had on hand.  I also used the full width of the strips, making a quilt 50" wide, and added a plain border top and bottom making it about 64" long.  A generous baby quilt size.

The fabrics are pretty, but not my style at all.  I have had this bundle for at least 8 years (before I learnt that being a fabric club member was not my thing)... and figured one day I would find the perfect project for it.  Looks like 2018 was that time!  Plain grey and navy homespun created the ideal highlights.

And I found a piece of floral fabric to use as the basis for the backing...

... which along with a few other fabrics will make a backing big enough, and pretty enough also.

In other news, I have been reorganising my sewing shed... moving large furniture items, which meant taking out all the stuff in those large furniture items first!  Including my fabric stash...

Some of the furniture has been temporarily jammed into the sleepout...

But we managed to get things shifted around, and now I just need to clear off the surfaces and fine tune the storage of all those other little bits and pieces we seem to collect.


  1. Two lovely finishes, best of luck getting you sewing space reassembled. Always nicety get it all organized.

  2. You are a dynamo Suz! Two quilt tops and a re-organised sewing studio! You feel very proud of yourself! I love the blue and mauve quilt- a great use of those fabrics!