Monday, January 15, 2018

The Never Ending Puzzle

Making blocks for the Friends and Whanau quilt is a bit like working on a puzzle that you don't know what it looks like or what size it is!  It is a real time waster because I spend ages stressing about whether to do this block, or that... or whether to use this fabric or that... and whether the finished block should go here... or there...  I finally figured out I just needed to sew some blocks and see what started to happen, and not get so caught up in what was "the absolute best possibility".  The worst that could happen is that the odd block might not get used... I can live with that!

I really liked how this grouping of blocks looked with the filler strips.  It includes two 12" blocks, a 10" and an 8".

I quite like this section too... with an 18" block taking up some serious space.

And slowly it starts to grow...

I decided to frame some of the blocks too... just for a different way of putting sections together.

Although it doesn't really have a place yet.

Definitely a slow but very interesting process.  I am loving having full access to my lovely design wall!

I have also been making progress on the baby quilt.  I have always struggled with straight line quilting, but decided to edge stitch along the grey sections following the edge of the walking foot... while I don't have any puckers, it is still not one of my strengths.

I decided to use this greeny/gold Invisifil thread to FMQ the striped sections.  It blends into all of the patterned fabrics, especially those with gold overlay!

Just a simple stipple but it works well for this situation.

From the back.

And my new FMQ station in use.  We bought a new blind so that this area is a bit more streamlined.

A mammoth road trip with Monika to The Apple Basket patchwork shop resulted in some new fabric purchases.  Mammoth because it is a 2hr plus drive one way!  With two kids!  Who were well behaved but I was completely knackered by the time we got home.

I am pretty sure this is Grunge Dots... I have a cunning plan for a finished quilt that I want to refinish and add some new borders.

A couple of Sweetwater Authentic FQ pieces, plus a cute cat/dog? print that just absolutely had to come home with me.

These were in the specials bin.

And I just loved these pieces together.

No idea what to do with it but I must cut it up pronto.

And these slightly larger bits were also on special.  These ones are just itching to be added to my stash.

My little Authentic collection is growing.  I need to start looking at some patterns that use charm packs.

I bought a couple of shot cotton FQ's from Spotlight...

And some of the necessary evils...

With work starting back again, I am finding my sewing time is a prized commodity.  Even though I am mostly just working mornings... the afternoons turn incredibly hot so not so conducive to sewing in a tin shed.  Oh well... summer will be over before we know it and then I'll be complaining about it being too cold.


  1. WOW! That is a mammoth road trip for fabric! I hope the kids were rewarded with an ice cream? Your jigsaw puzzle quilt is coming along nicely. There is a lot of trial and error involved in making these types of quilts, and measuring and cutting too!

  2. Your quilt IS growing, good you have your blog photo's to go back to see just how much. Looks nice some nice fabricy treasures.

  3. Ooooo - I agonize over my choices when I do quilts like this one. You got some terrific fabrics.

  4. Sounds like me and the sampler quilt I am working on. Your design wall looks a very good size for this sort of quilt too.

  5. Good on you jumping in and just sewing - the Whanau quilt is going to look sooo different to the original! Sounds like a mammoth shoping trip alright but at least you were rewarded with some new bits and pieces :-)