Wednesday, January 24, 2018

So I might have started something new

Does it still count as something new when you bought a bundle last year... and have just found the perfect project for it?  To me it seems like a continuation of the process.

So it started with a bundle from Stash Fabric curated by Mister Domestic, that took my fancy and ended up in my cart at some ungodly hour of the morning... when it arrived I had to admit there were some pretty out there fabrics, but overall I still liked the combinations and looked forward to finding the right project to highlight those. 

Then... Emily Denis from Quilty Love decided to run a quiltalong for her City Tiles quilt... which I don't have a pattern for, but I do have a pattern for the Cross Tile quilt (which I like better)... so I decided to join the quilt along and use a different pattern!

I also had to add some extra fabric so visited my personal favourite fabric shop, The Country Yard, and found some great fabrics to add to the awesomeness.  Although mixing the fabric up into pairs has been challenging!  Bella Solid "Fog" is a nice neutral that is off white, reading probably more on the grey side than the yellow side.

Long story short... here are my first blocks!  If in doubt, start with the best print in the bundle... you know it's going to look good.

Then I figured I should try some of the more difficult fabrics... particularly the directional prints!

Luckily the instructions come with an alternative cutting layout for directional prints.  Unfortunately it depends on having 22" width of fabric... which my pieces don't seem to be :o(  Luckily... there is extra fabric!

And the most challenging fabric of all... the one with sheep.

Kinda cute I suppose.

I have also been working on my Whanau and Friends quilt.  The Cross Tile quilt is a perfect companion quilt to the sometimes complex sampler blocks - it's nice to make something that is just squares and rectangles.  Happy to report it's getting bigger!

I've found it's important to have a balance of blocks that have either high contrast - with the Bella Solid "Porcelain" or the mostly red solid from the French General range... or more murky contrast. This block was made entirely from left over pieces cut for other blocks, and one of the more murky blocks, and I'm very proud of creating something from those leftovers!

This has probably been the greatest block for using the 2 1/2" jelly roll strips... and my magic rulers.  Only the centre square was not from a jelly roll... and it is a cool block.  I love that ditzy print as the background, and will have to make it in a more high contrast version.

I have been playing with fabric placements and contrast variety... repeating some blocks or making very similar versions... like this Antique Tiles block with a four patch centre...

After making this version earlier.


  1. You're certainly keeping busy, is your sewing room cool?

  2. Your Whanau quilt is growing........LOVE the sheep fabric!!

  3. Wow! Whanau and Friends is a really neat project, for sure. I love the stitcheries interspersed with the blocks. Great work with the leftovers on that block! And I do really like the sheep block for the other project. :)

  4. Two fun projects to keep your head spinning...great to see how those crosses are coming together!

  5. Love your 'cross tile blocks' that sheep fabric is wonderful!