Thursday, April 4, 2019

April? Really?

Just a few goals on the list for April:

Now that I have my thread sorted for Loosely Woven, my main goal for the month is to get some serious quilting done.

I decided to do large feathers through the striped sections, working the design to emphasise the woven effect.

I have a few areas where I have both the warp and weft lines quilted and it does kind of work.

In Meadowland news... I have a couple more blocks done...

And I had a play with alternative layout options.  I quite like how the blocks look on point, as they are almost unrecognizable from the straight setting.

But, to do this layout I would need to work with an uneven numbered grid to keep it symmetric, but a 3x3 grid is too small, and a 5x5 would be too big.  I need to keep thinking about this, but might just go back to the pattern layout, and consider this alternate layout with a smaller block size.

I'm aiming to get 2 of the Patchwork City blocks finished this month... only 5 left all up, so this project is getting closer to completion.  So far I have chosen and ironed fabric for the first block, and chosen which units to sew.

I would like to get some new borders sewn onto my modern applique quilt and possibly get it basted.  On the drawing board at the moment are which fabric where and how big decisions... and working out if I have what it takes for a pieced backing.

 And I really would like to get the 2nd applique corner fused on Timeless Traditions.  My applique has definitely taken the back seat in the last couple of months; so achievable goal set... and locked in.

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