Sunday, April 14, 2019

Steps in the right direction

Sometimes it just feels like you are getting nowhere... maybe even heading backwards... and then you turn a corner and think Yes... I can see that light at the end of the tunnel.

Last month was not so good in the ticking off of lists department.  Partly because of the items I had chosen on my hit list.  Really... make significant progress on two major applique projects??  Like was that ever going to happen.  After feeling like a failure for two seconds, then reassessing and altering my goals meant that I changed one of the overall block goals into just finishing sewing down the bias stems, and completely wrote off the second project.  Manageable chunks!

With this under my belt, April's goal was to get the fusing side of the applique finished for the second corner of the Timeless Traditions BOM and get two of the wreath blocks fused also.

So good to stick that smiley face on!

And I can already see next months goal will be to finish the blanket stitch on these sections.  I may not be whizzing through this process, but it is getting there!

Also progress has been happening on the Loosely Woven quilt.

Woohoo!  I have finished the quilting on the striped sections of the top.  Working these feather designs pushed my boundaries as far as the width of feather I am comfortable quilting... there are definitely some weird shaped ones in the mix, but luckily the worst are hidden in the most thread blendy areas.

And I actually got a small amount of tidying accomplished so I can once again see my cutting mat and surrounding area.

Partially due to packing this stuff away into a box.


  1. As I’ve said on IG, I love your Timeless Traditions quilt. The appliqué is such a wonderful contrast to the pieced blocks. Is it your own design Suz?

  2. Your 'timeless tradition' is looking so wonderful! You've chosen a pretty palette, lots of beautiful applique work!

  3. Your colour palette is so you...........your quilting is coming along nicely.

  4. Oh, my!! It is absolutely gorgeous up there on the design wall! This is going to be a really beautiful quilt. My cutting space is completely spazzed out with mess right now. Taxes all last week and an unexpected property purchase this week have consumed all my time. I'm feeling frazzled. Time for a soak with a book and then a good clean, and then back to quilting!