Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Projects Underway

It has been a busy old time.  Firstly, hubby has completely recovered and has been digging up our carport in an effort to prevent water from flowing in rivers through it when it rains.  We happened upon some second hand pavers so this became the action plan for the long weekend.

The view from the laundry door towards the back of the carport.
The view back towards the laundry door.

This grated channel redirects the water into the stormwater pipes which run underground
alongside the carport.
  All nice and DRY!

On the sewing side of things, I have been busy beavering away with my log cabin stars.  I ended up being one fat quarter short of white on white fabric - so will have to leave the last block until I can get to the shops again.  But I placed this missing block at the bottom so in the mean time I have been busily putting my blocks together.  So far just the first lot of four patches sewn together... then I sew those together in four patches...

Did I mention it was big?  There are still another 3 rows so this will break my record
to date, and give me a quilt that I can tuck in over the pillows!
And it will have a nice overhang on the sides!

I have really enjoyed the process of this quilt so far - the happy, summery fabrics, the big easy blocks and the long stretches of sewing.  Friendship stars are just so cheery, and easy to piece.  Plus it is going together quite well without any real hitches (well, you can hide almost anything in a 15"block).

This is my second log cabin quilt - the first one was the second quilt I ever started.  And it was really only a half log cabin.  It has been on the bed for about the last 5 or so years - still uncompleted - as the binding is only sewn down on the edge along the top, and I still have one block to quilt.  Plus there are some finishing strips on the back that need to be sewn down.

Even after all this time, I enjoy all these different fabrics.

A view of the quilting on the back...

And also how I quilted in sections using different woven fabrics as my

One thing I did learn doing this 1/2 log cabin was that it is slightly too short to cover the mattress join where it sits on the base - and this annoys me intensely.  Lesson learnt - always make things bigger rather than smaller - hence the big brute above.  Everyone always assumes that I have some sort of king size bed, but it is only a queen - maybe just with a taller than normal mattress?  Not sure.  What have you been up to this easter/ANZAC weekend? 

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