Saturday, April 16, 2011

First day of the holidays - survived... a particularly ghastly week

This week started badly and finished not much better.  To start, Nadia was unwell last weekend, which carried over onto Monday with high temperature and then developed into a very itchy rash.  Trip to doctor on Tuesday - possible infection resulting in toxins in blood causing rash.  Tuesday and Wednesday off school - very grumpy (daughter not me) - and also achy joints.  Early hours of Wednesday morning, husband wakes up with itches all over body but goes off to work and does a whole days work.  By the time he came home his face was seriously swollen up, eyes and hands - everything still itchy.  By this stage we are all quite grumpy - but even I can see he's not well.  When he starts to have difficulty swallowing, we phone the emergency doctors line who advise phoning the ambulance (who by the way take an hour and a half to arrive).  And off he goes.  Thursday is spent first off taking both kids to school, then a trip down to Kawakawa to visit not all that flash looking husband but improved from the night before, who is discharged and we come home to pick kids up after school.  That night his lower lip swells up until he looks like Bubba off Forest Gump.  He survives the night without getting worse and I attempted to have a normal Friday, but once again his throat becomes constricted so now it was my turn to take him into the doctors then hospital... and leave him there to stay overnight again, hoping that this time he will stabilise.  So today, we went to visit this morning then came home and had a very late lunch.  Shortly after finishing eating, he phoned up to say he had been discharged, so off we went again to pick him up.  I think I could find my way to the hospital in my sleep!

And I haven't even had a moan about my broadband service... well, after my last adventures with Telecom, and getting our connection working again, on Tuesday it all disappeared again.  This time, after numerous phone calls backwards and forwards with Telecom (not great when they say they are going to put you through to the advanced technicians and there is a 10-15minute wait) I was told "We have checked your line and there is a fault with your modem!"  So I duly ordered a new modem as suggested by this rather abrupt man, and waited for it to arrive so that we could find out if indeed it was our modem that was at fault.  You guessed it - modem arrived and installed and still no connection!  Once again, we needed a technician to come and do what he did on the weekend.  Finally by mid Friday morning we were once again connected to the world.  All in all, a very stressful week and I feel completely exhausted. 

On the home front - Nadia has lost her third tooth - so this is one of the front top ones.  Photo currently in camera which is having it's battery charged, so you'll have to wait - but it's a good one!  She is estatic and of course, looks so funny.

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  1. Geez, your family sure does it well! Hope D is ok and feeling better. Hope you feel less stressed soon. And hope the tooth fairy visits N!