Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm Back!!

Well, for those of you who haven't known... my computer downloaded a virus on Sunday and has been at the shop - got it back on Thursday, and plugged it in to check emails and see what was happening in the world... and no internet!  Our connection had gone pfut and was no go.  After an extended conversation with two Telecom men I was to anticipate a visit from a technician on Saturday morning... which is today, and around mid morning I was all back and running again.  Whew!

We spent the better part of last Sunday rearranging our sleepout facilities so that my larger quilting activities could occur out there - and still remain available for unexpected guests as it is also our guest room.  End of long story, but it is really great to have some room to spread things out and play in peace and quiet.  Smaller things are still in my bedroom, but I can handle that - as it allows me to keep an eye (or an ear) on my kids.  I also have my book collection (well the quilting ones anyway) in one place - no more traipsing out in the middle of the night to then wrestle with the lawn mower to open the cupboard that used to hold the books.  I have also had some new book deliveries since my last post, so have been gobbling up Diane Gaudynski's machine quilting book and this morning (after the internet business) disappeared into my "shed" and pinned up a test piece.  Now, I don't normally do practice pieces (read that as never) - so I'm really thinking of this as a basinette quilt to donate to the local maternity ward, hence not a practice piece at all... and this will allow me to practice to my hearts content.  So I've been headbanding, bananaing and feathering.  If you don't know what this means... you need to read the book!

The front...

The Back!
 It is tiring doing this intensive sort of quilting... so I came in and had lunch and now I'm ready to do some piecing on one of my other projects... all set up in the bedroom - and I can leave my quilting all set to go for next time I'm in the mood... bliss!


  1. Like your bananas! Might have to get me one of those books.

  2. Great quilting, I have never heard it called banana-ing but looking at it, it makes perfect sense!