Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Little bit different

When I went on my travels to The Country Yard a wee while ago, I picked up a pattern for a felt pin cushion by Hatched & Patched (I like it when patterns are less than $10), and also a small pack of assorted country colour felted wools.  So guess what I did last night? 

That's a ripple in the felt on the RH side which should
disappear once I've finished constructing the pincushion & stuffed it.
When I first looked through the instructions, I was sort of put off by the teeny tiny pieces - remembering long ago times of trying to accurately cut felt into shapes which never looked anything like what they were supposed to.  But, either I have improved or nice wool felt makes all the difference.  I also had to modify the colouring as my pack didn't quite have enough different colours of felt.  On the whole, I am very pleased and found the whip stitch used to attach the pieces quite soothing to do while watching crap on TV.  The fuzzyness of the wool does help to hide some of the less than perfect stitching! which is also a bonus.  I probably have enough felt to do about 100 of them, but maybe a matching needle holder would come in useful (says the lady who pokes her needles into paper bags).

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