Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Willpower

Well, I tried really hard.  Honest.  But somehow this afternoon I started cutting out my new fat quarters.  On the positive side, I did wash all the fabrics for another project that have been waiting for the perfect moment to be started... and I had a look at another quilt that is up to the border stage, and still doesn't quite feel right - now I remember why it is still sitting there.

This one started with a beautiful fabric that I could just imagine as a big wide border.  It had a matching layer cake... and I found the perfect pattern.  The rest would be history - but now that I have pieced the top and added the first border, I am struggling to work out how the following borders should look...

This is a close up of some of those lovely fabrics...
 On the one hand, I quite like how it looks at the moment.  On the other hand, it is not quite big enough for a queen size.  Could make it more like a throw - but I'd prefer something that would also fit the bed.  I did a narrow border of the border fabric with the intention of adding another pieced inner border, then a wide 9" border all around with the border fabric again.  Any suggestions?  I'll check with my Friday girls and see what the concensus is.  I even have the backing fabric for this... just need batting and I could be quilting (and then moaning about binding...)

I have been loosely collecting Japanese indigos... and other indigo-ish fabrics and they have been waiting in a box for Hmmm, several months.  So now the background and cornerstone fabrics have been washed, and I might just start cutting that one out to.  Ironing and chopping are so meditative - especially with a new cutter blade!


  1. From the photo I think it needs something dark to finish it off on the edges. But that may be because it's on a light carpet. Looking forward to seeing it.

  2. I agree about the dark border. Maybe a chocolate brown to match some of the brown in the quilt. Might make the lighter colors pop.

  3. Sometimes you can't decide how to finish it, because the quilt wants to stay the way it is. This happened to me with a Christmas quilt I was DETERMINED to have for the bed. It is a table-topper. Let it be for a smaller bed, perhaps Nadia's, for when she gets a bit older. I think it looks great!