Monday, March 14, 2011

Busy busy weekend

I spent my Friday morning with the new entrants class at my kids school looking at halves and quarters - as they have been doing fractions.  Between their teacher and me, we organised them into cutting curtain fabric into the desired shapes - squares, triangles and rectangles.  We only ended up with one circle!  So the weekend was spent in leisurely piecing - making all those shapes into pillow covers.  I've finished two, and have another three to complete.  They look great (even though I say so myself - trust me, Friday morning could have gone in any direction...)

While my sewing space had so many items missing due to Friday's adventures - I took the time to reorganise my bits - and finally I feel like it is a space I want to work in.  Unfortunately it is in my bedroom which is space limited - but now I have a lovely display basket, my tools stored in a pretty cup/vase and there is actually space to lay out a few blocks!  Now I just need to concentrate on keeping it organised.

Nadia brought this picture home from school.  They have been doing selfportraits and looking at how to create eyes, noses and mouths.  Looks pretty good to me!


This is what the real version looks like!

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