Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm on a roll...

Well, you start with one small idea and it just grows and grows.  When I first thought about doing the placemats for the school fundraising.  I was thinking... NZ kiwiana fabric and log cabin - work it out as you go.  When I went to buy fabric for said project - didn't really get excited about Kiwiana fabric available - even though it was on special.  So only bought one fabric - the pukekos.  Bit difficult to do a log cabin with one fabric.  Time to rethink idea.  Next came using KAI (meaning food for anybody who was wondering) as an image on the placemats - and I used fusible web to applique the image using both the positive and negative images - getting two for the price of one.  Thanks Charlotte for the inspiration.  (I now believe you to be the ultimate positive/negative woman - we may have to make you a cape - as how do you get your scissors into those little gaps without making a mess??)  Anyway progress so far...

Then dipping into my pile of scraps and bits - I returned to the log cabin idea, making four small court house steps style blocks with uneven logs and the end result...

Perfect because they're not too precious to use,
the colours should hide most mess and they look fun. 
Ideal for a family with primary school age children.

Just three more to go.  Do you think I should make 4 with Kai on them, or two with Kai, and two with Yum?


  1. How do I get my scissors in? Very, very carefully! I vote for two with kai and two with yum.
    x Super Charlotte! ;)

  2. Very cute! I like that font you've used too.