Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A week in review

Tuesday already.  How did that happen?  Maybe it would be a good idea to go backwards from today for a change, perhaps it will help with the remembering side of things.  Today was the Kerikeri Guild AGM and shared lunch - we had a guest speaker who was a judge at Calico Xmas and I bravely took along a couple of my quilts to be critiqued (the big purple one and the funky orange flowered one from the exhibition photos).  While she seemed enthusiastic and did mention WOW factor several times - she also didn't say a bad word about any of the quilts viewed - so I do wonder how one would fare if I attempted submitting a quilt for a real show (NB: the annual exhibition Kerikeri Guild runs is not a judged show - we just do it for fun! :) Yesterday was work.  Sunday we had a family outing to Whangarei where I exercised my right to shop - as did my children - and came home with some shoes.  Shoes make me happy.  Also some fabric.  Fabric makes me happy.  The kids each chose a metre of fabric of their own choice - scary stuff - as Nadia seemed drawn to the most hideous florals. 

We finally found a nice - bright - girl friendly print.  Dylan obviously went for the camo animals look.  They both seem to expect me to make quilts for them - boy are they lucky that I like to make quilts!

I found a bundle of fat quarters and just picked other fabrics that vaguely looked good that I liked.
You can never have too many fabrics! And no I don't know exactly what I'm going to do with them at the moment.

I have been making progress with my placemats, of which I am now making 6: 2 x kai, 2 x eat, 2 x Yum.  And have been busy doing the blanket stitch now that my big beast of a machine has been returned from the repair man.

These are due back to be part of the raffle before Friday next week - so looks like it will be a busy weekend.  Nothing like a deadline to get things done.

Saturday was one of those mothering days from hell... the less said about that the better.  Although the shoes and fabric on Sunday did go some way towards improving my aura.  Friday I did groceries, went to library, dropped off Nutrimetics brochures in all my Kaikohe locations, bought trackpants for lovely husband, bought skirt and trousers from op shop for me, got hair cut... just while the kids were at school.  It was a busy day.

Tue, Wed, Thurs were all work days... and then we must almost be back to the last post.

I have been lead astray by one of my new followers (I'm easily led), who has a lovely profile image - inspired by the book "Ghost Layers & Colour Washes" by Katie Pasquini Masopust.  So I've been naughty and ordered the book too... I do seem to remember something vaguely similar on Simply Quilts that gave the impression of layers overlapping, and it will be interesting the refresh and remind me of what it was all about.  While shopping also ordered Gaudynski's Machine Quilting Guidebook and Quilting Possibilities Freehand Filler Patterns which I have actually looked at from the library and reckon it is well worth owning.  I am looking forward to getting back into some machine quilting - so will start with the placemats and maybe carry on with some of the other tops waiting for that all important next step...

Tomorrow I am going to be mother helping at school with the junior classes making mosaic tiles, and then the kids race in their annual school triathlon.  Hope the weather holds up...

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  1. We must have very similar taste. I've got the same fat quarters, the five at the bottom. It'll be interesting to see what we both do with them!