Monday, March 28, 2011

Everybody else has been so busy!

I've just spent the last half hour catching up on what everyone has been up to.  You guys have been busy!  I feel only moderately busy.  My main goal over the last week has been to finish my placemats for the Ohaeawai school batons up.  As it is on Friday, I was determined not to be up late Thursday night sewing down the binding (flashback to KK Quilters exhibition in January).  So at every available minute last week I finished the blanket stitch around the applique, and then Saturday I did the machine quilting and started applying the binding.  I attempted the machine binding method - but after the first attempt worked out that this was probably not the right situation to be doing practicing, so reverted back to the old faithful method.

I quite liked them all laid out together - it would make a nice quilt...
maybe one day with a few more scraps!
 And by late Sunday afternoon, I had all 6 placemats finished,

1, 2, 3, 4...

5 and 6!

 and even a tag to hang on my bucket.

All ready for some lucky prize winner!
I desperately want to start cutting up my new fabric.  I am resisting the urge.  I don't have enough room to do two different things at once.  Where we rented before buying our house, I had a huge room where I could spread out at least three, if not more projects at the same time, and could just pick and choose which bits I wanted to work on at a particular time.  I always sewed two things simultaneously - one thing that required thought, and one thing that was more methodical.  Then when the mess got too much that door would just get closed on it all.  A bit different now when I have to pack it away each night so I can sleep in my bed.  Of course, I could probably sleep on the sofa, but hubby might have something to say about it.  So I am going to look through my projects and try and be good...
This is what I'm planning to do with my new fabrics from my last post.  I have 13 fat quarters.  I just need some more!  And it looks like I'll be buying some white on white... The blocks are 15" big buggers, so the idea is to just mix up all the fabrics and cut them big enough that you get a good showing of the actual fabric.  I'm sure if I cut it up I could sew it while working on something else...


  1. Where's the 'like' button on Blogger like Facebook? 'Cause I really like the new quilt you're planning.

  2. Very nice placemats Something that busy might not show spills. I can identify with your lack of space living in a rabbit hutch myself. I have no room for a machine so do everything by hand. Sometimes you have to enjoy the journey and let the destination take care off itself.

  3. Love the placemats fun and serviceable.