Friday, July 8, 2011

Ahh, Friday

The best thing about Thursday, is that you know Friday is only a day away.  The best thing about Friday is that it's not a work day.  I visit with my little group of patchwork friends, do jobs around town - banking, buying chicken food etc, buying shoes... then I have a couple of hours before I need to pick the kids up from school.  Today I did some scheming.  Patchwork scheming is the best kind.

Dylan's camoflague quilt (aka the teachers project) has had the central square pieced - so time to think about borders.  I had already decided that I would be appliquing "DYLAN" across the top of it, but not the specifics.  Practical requirements - Dylan has five letters - so five background squares.  The top measures 32" square at present, we like easy maths in this household, so a 4" border magically brings it up to 40", which divides nicely into 5 x 8" squares.  Brilliant.  Time to check out different fonts.  Dylan (the actual Dylan) had his opinion as well, but we both chose the Stencil style of font, which seemed to go with the camo/army fabric theme.  Then I just had to work out how big to blow it up to fit the background square.  So, no real imagination required so far - the design has just evolved from a purely practical point of view.  I am also envisaging an outer border of half square triangles... but we'll see how we get on fist.

Also on the scheming agenda is my row for the "row-by-row round robin" - this months row is to be inspired by "Square Dancing".  The inspiration row has a bar theme with motorbike fabric with the message "for a son".  Square dancing does not leap to mind in relation to Harley Davidsons, so I have been checking out different blocks and settings that could interpret this theme loosely, and  I'm playing with the idea of a little square offset inside a bigger square - rotated so that the square seems to "dance" along the row.  We shall see what happens over the rest of the weekend...

Hope you have something exciting planned for the weekend - and we don't get (a) blown away by these strong winds or (b) get washed away with the tsunami threat.

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