Sunday, July 3, 2011

It has been suggested to me by a fellow quilter - blogger helper - that my photo size is "larger than normal" (a bit like my quilts).  So I have compressed these photos to a size recommended for "web publishing".  The first one came out OK.  The second and third not so good - although much better than what I had before.  Driving me mental!  Anyway, the top one is the international round robin I was participating in - with my initial block returned to me with rounds attached from three other participants.  PS I'm still completing the round that finishes Viv's one - although it was supposed to be in the post about three weeks ago, but it is progressing, and after all, good things take time.

The middle picture is a bit of a play with fusing onto felt to create an abstract - although the photo upload has added it's own abstract quality.  So we might come back to that one.

The last photo is my round in my guilds row by row round robin.  This row was to be inspired by stars, so it has pieced stars in the background, and appliqued star flowers and stems.

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